(UPDATE: U.S. Bank branches in Madison, Wisconsin are closed, said a U.S. Bank spokesperson.)

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A mean winter storm is barreling through the Midwest today. According to the National Weather Service, high winds and more than a foot of snow is expected for Midwestern states including Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Many banks have announced that branches will be closed due to the severe weather conditions.

BMO Harris Bank, the second-largest bank in Wisconsin by deposit market share, said that a large number of Wisconsin branches are closed because of the weather. Associated Bank, the third-largest bank in Wisconsin, said all branches in the Madison Metro area and all corporate offices are closed today. AnchorBank, the seventh largest bank in the state, said that all but 6 of its branches are closed for the day.

U.S. Bank, the largest bank in Wisconsin and second-largest bank in Iowa, says that no U.S. Bank branches are currently closed (though that may change as the day progresses).

Wells Fargo, the biggest bank in Iowa, also didn’t say anything about branch closings. To make matters worse, the Wells Fargo website has been inaccessible for the past three days and remains so.

In any case, customers should call their local branches before they visit to see which ones are open and which are not. Weather conditions can change quickly — a branch may be open one minute and closed the next.

Whenever possible, bank customers should access their accounts through online or mobile channels — saving the time and effort of making a trip to the branch. Those in search of cash can use another bank’s ATMs (transaction fees may be charged) or use their debit card at a grocery store and ask for cash back.

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