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Today, Capital One 360 officially launches as it takes over ING Direct, the online bank that millions of savers have come to rely on to build their emergency funds, save for home down payments, stash away for vacations and more. We took a look at some of the changes that customers may encounter.

Without a doubt, customers will notice that ING Direct’s website now redirects to Capital One 360’s website. The new branding and color scheme is apparent as the red and blue colors replace the iconic orange color from ING Direct (and the red Capital One 360 ball takes the place of the vibrant orange ball from ING Direct).

However, other than the colors, the website layout is very much the same — customers should have no trouble navigating their online accounts as they did before. The same goes for customers who prefer mobile banking — just update your ING Direct mobile banking applications (no need to download a new app).

As for the former ING Direct cafes, customers will simply see new signage, as expected.

So far, there has been no surprises, customers have received regular updates about these upcoming changes.

Customers that like to stay connected through social media will now see that ING Direct’s Facebook page redirects to Capital One 360’s new page. And, Twitter users who’ve been following @INGDirect will now see updates from @CapitalOne360.

A smooth transition

The rather seamless transition from ING Direct to Capital One 360 may offer more consolation to customers who’ve been skeptical regarding possible changes to their accounts and online banking experience. Many expected (and still do) new fees and a poorer quality of customer service.

Capital One has repeatedly told customers that the experience that they’ve come to love from ING Direct will stick around.

“We know customers expect a terrific online experience, fee-free checking and savings, and the ability to talk with a real person, seven days a week,” said Laura DiLello, a Capital One spokesperson. “All of this is in our pledge and we’ll continue to deliver, just with a different name and new colors.”

And, if you’re wondering where the orange ball has gone to, it is now enjoying retirement. Capital One 360 says, “Thanks to years of savings, the Orange ball is off bouncing around the world.”

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  • Marge Inoferror

    Can’t access my online account anymore. Is Capital One a DOS target?

  • Can’t access mine either, via web or mobile app. Not good. Already disliking this.

  • penucheBro420

    that sucking sound is everyone putting their money back in their normal savings account.

  • M. Harris

    It doesn’t appear that I can make sub-accounts now… Ugh!!!!

    • Simon Zhen

      After you log in, go to “Products” and select 360 Savings. Then hit “Open Now.”

  • Danny

    Let’s just see how long it will stay the “same”. American companies are very good for deceiving their customers. They will operate under a new name and slowly implement new changes as they are no longer the same company. New products will pop up that will replace the products that ING customers have become accustomed to.

    All a marketing strategy. I give 1 – 2 years before ING and it’s “awesomeness” will be forgotten and it will be just like any other traditional bank, nickel and dime you in every possible way

    • Tuba

      Now if I want to renew my rate they offer me %3.75 but for new clients %3.375 typical deceiving parazite attitude for Capital One 360

  • sgh

    I had an account with ING for about 7 years. When I learned that Capital One was taking them over I transfered all my money to Ally and to my brick/mortar credit union.

    I had some difficulties a few years ago in making my Capital One Visa credit card payments after a bought of long term unemployment. I contacted their customer service department who told me that they would work with me and then one day later I received a collection letter with a nasty tone from them.

    I vowed no more Capital One accounts of any type ever again and when it came time to renew my debit card, I shredded it and marked all of their emails as spam.

  • examplesample

    ” customers have received regular updates about these upcoming changes.” BULLSH__. I haven’t heard anything at all, I had to google “why does ingdirect redirect to capital one” to figure out what was going on. This is crazy, they can’t shoot a simple email off to all their customers?! Wow.

  • PAL52

    Well, THIS customer received ZERO updates on the change.

  • rayme

    The bank is refusing to release my funds. They continue to hold my money hostage and lie to me every time I call them. I started an online petition. They are holding my IRA, checking and savings hostage. Stay away from this bank.

  • Simon Starkie

    Was shocked this morning to see our 6 month CD interest rate has plummeted to 0.4% when it renewed in January 2014. Previously, with ING, it was 2-3%. Also, all of the history from ING is gone and only shows from 2012 when Capital One took over. Great. Also, our ING saving account was getting 0.75% and when I asked the rep why this was upside down, he told us this is why he recommends the savings. Awesome. Needless to say, we closed both accounts immediately. Of course, the CD had an early withdrawal penalty of 3 months interest but who cares at 0.4% per anum! We are moving this non-qualified sum to a Met Life account guaranteed to earn at least 4% or as much as 9% with no risk.

  • Amanda

    Is CapitalOne360 going to discriminate against legal adult-oriented businesses and models the way other major US banks have begun to lately?