If money is tight or you’re looking to accelerate your debt repayment efforts, a temporary job or quick side gig might be the answer to your financial struggles. Not all of these side jobs and temporary opportunities are equal in terms of how much effort you have to put in for the money, so you’ll want to do some research before making a decision.

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Take your skills and experience into consideration when thinking of ways to increase your income with temporary jobs and quick side gigs:


If you have skills that can be turned into freelance gigs — such as writing, graphic design, web design, film editing, etc. — you could set yourself up with a little sole proprietorship and take on freelance assignments.

Unless you already have access to clients from your employment or another opportunity, you will spend most of your time initially marketing and searching for work. You might check Craigslist.org, Freelancer.com or Guru.com for potential sources of freelance or contract work.

Home and/or Pet-sitting

When pet owners want to go away for the weekend or a longer vacation, they are faced with figuring out what to do with Fido. If you like animals and have the flexibility to stay at your client’s home or visit it daily (sometimes several times per day, depending on the type of pets), a pet-sitting/home-sitting gig is a simple way to earn some extra cash.


If you can type quickly and with good accuracy, you might be a good candidate for transcription jobs. You can find people in need of transcriptionists on freelance bidding sites such as oDesk.com or Elance.com, or you can set up your own business and advertise for clients.

There are transcription software programs available online for free or small fees, which make it easier to pause the recording, back up a few seconds and replay it.

While you might see advertisements for medical and legal transcription jobs, these generally require a certificate or college degree, but there are many other individuals and companies that get things transcribed that do not require any specialized knowledge.


You can help children and teenagers with their homework if you have a strong knowledge in a particular subject area. Hang some notices around town advertising your availability, maybe post on Craigslist or your local newspaper and see if anyone calls to request your services. You might also want to look into joining online tutoring organizations such as Tutor.com, which helps connect tutors with students in need of help.

Yard and Household Help

You might be able to find seasonal work helping clean up yards after winter or giving a landscaping company a hand on some of their projects. Keep an eye on your local newspaper classifieds, as many senior citizens will post a need for help around their house or yard in the paper and you could pick up a few side jobs by calling them and offering your assistance.


There are parents everywhere looking for baby sitters for date night or so they can go off to work. Watch your local newspaper, Craigslist and Facebook for people in search of a sitter, or you can join sites such as Care.com or SitterCity.com so people in your area searching for a baby sitter will find you easily.

Local Part-Time Work

If none of the suggestions above sound like something you want to do, you can always apply locally and get a part-time job.  Many fast food or retail establishments hire part timers for evening and weekend shifts if you are working around a full-time job. The pay is usually pretty low, but if it will help you become debt-free sooner or reach a goal faster, it might be worth the temporary extra effort.

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