Here at, we regularly write about money and personal finance, so when the editorial staff and I were brainstorming on how to be more aware of our spending habits, we decided to participate in a one-week money challenge. For our first week, we propose this challenge: is it possible to limit ourselves to only $25 for eating out?


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For the challenge, our $25 budget won’t include trips to the grocery store, but it will apply to restaurants, bars, and coffee shops!

This challenge will be particularly difficult for those of us who eat out fairly frequently or get coffee multiple times a day. There are some ways to work around the $25 limit, which includes staying in and cooking, preparing lunches at home, and making coffee instead of buying it.

We’ll check back in next Monday, March 25 to see how successful (or unsuccessful) we were. If you also want to be more conscious about your spending habits, we would love for our MBT readers to participate! Leave your comment on this post, or on our Facebook page.

Good luck and choose where your dollars will go wisely!

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  • Sophie LaFontaine

    Are you serious?? $25 a week for eating out?? Most weeks I only spend $10 to eat out. That would be breakfast for two at McDonald’s on Saturday mornings.