Let’s face it, the Internet has changed the world. Social media in particular had come a long way in a very short period of time and is an ever-changing method of communication in many different aspects of people’s lives. Social media not only helps people keep in touch with friends and family in different parts of the world, it is also a huge factor on other fronts — including employment and career advancement.


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No More Classifieds

Before the accessibility of the Internet, people relied largely on classified ads, help wanted signs, and word-of-mouth referrals in order to find a job. Executives and hiring managers remained behind office doors, silently reviewing resumes for the right candidate. The advent of social media has changed all of those methods very quickly. Those who make hiring decisions are more accessible than ever and job seekers have many more doors to open.

Candidates in search of work now have the ability to do their homework, find the right contacts, and be proactive in making contact. LinkedIn allows potential employees to find not only the right company and opportunities before making an inquiry, they can also find the right person to connect with to increase their chances of getting hired.

Employers Have a Leg Up

Job candidates are not the only ones that can dig a little deeper and pinpoint exactly what they want in a job and an employer. Those in charge of hiring talent can also use the power of social media to find the ideal candidate. They do not have to rely on costly headhunter services to procure the most talented, knowledgeable personnel. They can target worthy candidates through LinkedIn or Facebook and find exactly what they are looking for without weeding through unnecessary resumes.

Many social media profiles have fill-in-the-blank spaces that employers can use to their advantage. They can find out where you work, what your skills are, and what your personal life is like without having to ask illegal hiring questions that can influence their decisions. They can do this background work and handpick candidates that pique their interest. Contact information is usually accessible for the candidate and a connection can be made immediately through email or through direct social media contacts. (Continued on page 2)

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