According to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, over 50% of consumers do not maintain a budget, and 22% say they have no idea how much they spend on expenses such as housing, food, and entertainment. Keeping a budget, or at the very least a log of one’s expenses, is beneficial when it comes to spending sensibly and making room for savings.


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Keeping track of what you spend is easy nowadays with a plethora of fun money diaries like this. Money diaries can be bought or self-made. They are simply logs in which expenses are written down and tracked daily, establishing patterns over time that can be studied to target areas of extra spending or careless purchases. (If you’re ready to start tracking your expenses, take part in our two-week Money Challenge and win cool prizes!)

Credit card search tool Cardhub examined the best and worst budgeters in the U.S., and discovered a few surprising results.

We also posted an article earlier this week about the Worst Budgeters in the U.S. Did your town make any of the two lists?

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