The Holy Week is well on its way, but remember, Easter Sunday isn’t the last day for the celebration. In fact, after the Sunday mass, some Americans will continue the observance into Easter Monday.

Although it is not recognized by the government, it is still one of the biggest holidays of the year for many Catholics. As a non-federal holiday, find out how your bank holiday schedule will change on this day by checking out the Easter Monday bank hours at the top 10 banks in America.

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Are banks open on Easter?

When it comes to bank holiday schedules, Easter Sunday is often left off the list because most banks are normally closed on Sundays. One exception is TD Bank, which remains open during the weekends, but the bank will be closed for Easter Sunday. It shouldn’t pose much of an inconvenience since most bank customers don’t expect their banks to be open.

Many people may also be wondering if banks are open for the Monday following Easter, commonly known as Easter Monday.

Unlike Easter Sunday, Easter Monday is not widely observed in America and therefore unknown to many people. Still, events for post-Easter Sunday festivities are quite popular and informally celebrated in some parts of the country, including Indiana, New York, North Carolina and Texas.

Since it’s not recognized as a federal holiday, banks will operate during normal business hours. Easter Monday is actually considered a bank holiday in some countries.

The stock market, which closed for Good Friday, will reopen for normal hours on Monday as well.

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