The student loan process can be a complicated and drawn-out affair. The time that passes between acquiring a loan and starting repayment is usually a long four years, and it’s easy to forget what’s what after graduation. Repaying a loan can take another five to 10 years, if you’re lucky and diligent. Because student loans are the only kind that can’t be forgiven in event of bankruptcy, it’s even more important to be diligent about knowing your options and the kinds of loans you take out.

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MyBankTracker’s new guide on student loans and the repayment process aims to educate readers and customers on the kinds of loans that are available for students and parents. We cover the three major categories of loans available to education borrowers and the varying repayment options that graduates have once they start paying back their loans.

Visit our Borrowing and Paying Off Student Loans guide page for our four-part series on more loan details and options.

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