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TD Bank was founded in the 1850s in Portland, Maine. It currently has $15 billion in assets, and over 1,000 branches along the eastern seaboard.

On MyBankTracker’s Report Card, TD Bank scores three out of five stars, doing well with its bank financial health, being fair with bank fees and interest rates, and poor with customer reviews left on the site.

With user reviews, it averages two out of five marks. User Shirley K writes,

I am a new banking customer of TD Bank and I love it. First, I did run into a small problem, but when I called the 1-800 number, the customer service representative was very helpful. She called the branch and straightened it out. When I went into the branch the next day, they gave me a $20 deposit into both of my accounts and a $10 gift card for my inconvenience. They also gave me a year of free checks.

Some customers are unhappy with TD Bank’s fees. User Kcrittendon writes,

I would not recommend this bank to anyone. They will charge you for everything and not only do they post withdrawals before posting deposits, they post in order from largest amount to smaller amounts no matter when the transaction was done. I was $3.00 short so they charged me $35.00 for 2 items that came in because they were pending on the same night. It makes no sense to me.

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