Look, we’ve all been there: one too many purchases that may have slipped your mind and before you know it, your account balance is in the red and you’re hit with the overdraft fee.

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Here at MyBankTracker, we advise you to always have a buffer in your account so that there’s always some “backup” money to prevent you from holding a negative balance. Always set up account alerts so that you’re reminded whenever you’re closing in on a dangerously low balance.

Here are overdraft fees you should expect from these major U.S. banks:

Bank of America$35
Wells Fargo$35
U.S. Bank$15 on items $15 or less, $35 on items $15.01 or more
Capital One$35
TD Bank$35
PNC Bank$25 per incident if incident is the first in past 12 months, $36 for each subsequent incident

These fees are for the state of New York, and most banks have consistent fees across the country, but always make sure by checking with your bank. Fees are usually found under the Checking Account sections on a bank’s site.

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  • DS

    Ally only charges $8 or $9 for an overdraft fee and ING (Now Capital One 360) only charges pennies of interest


  • Jayaraman Raju

    Bank’s have no scruples, nor any sentiments about client loyalties; for them customers are the hive, from which honey is extracted – partly explicitly and partly through hidden charges; One of the major contention put forward for going for Core Banking Solution deployment was – reduced of cost of services for the bank and higher benefits for the depositors;
    Look at the charges menu – they are ridiculous!!! just because they have to show a greener balance sheet, they do not hesitate to fleece the customer on one pretext or the other;
    have u heard of charges for depositing cash into the customers’ accounts? These banks, which have gone from door to door begging people to open accounts in their banks, are driving hard to keep the customer from their[banks’] doorsteps;
    I am at a loss to understand why the regulatory authorities are silent about these issues? This makes me think, whether we really need to have an account with the bank?

  • Justin

    USAA doesn’t charge anything.

  • Jaimie Sirovich

    It would be even more interesting to know which banks waive the fee for the first mistake if you ask nicely, since the fees on paper are for all intents and purposes the same.