The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported new data on the largest job occupations and their corresponding wages, and the statistics are grim.


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The nation’s average annual pay is $45,790. So how do workers in the ten most common jobs stack up? Findings show that workers in seven of the ten largest occupations make less than $30,000.

Despite ranking as the third most common profession in the U.S., food prep workers make the least, coming in at less than $19,000 a year. Waiters, who comprise the sixth most popular profession, make just under $21,000 annually. In fact, the findings show that only one of these workers makes well above $30,000.

To find out the number one most common profession in the United States, the highest paying common job in the United States, and the measly two positions that pay in the thirties, click through to our slideshow!

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(Information in the slideshow is sourced from CNNMoney.)

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