Cashier’s checks are often used when a person needs to make a large payment and the person receiving payment needs to be absolutely sure the money will go through. The banks themselves write the checks after knowing that the amount is available and the money leaves the account upon writing the check, and not when the person receiving payment deposits the check.

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For more information on cashier’s checks, refer to our basic introduction to cashier’s checks here.

Writing a cashier’s check will cost money, and we break down the fees below for the ten largest banks in the country, updated as of Spring 2013.

Bank of America$10
Wells Fargo$10
U.S. Bank$7
Capital One$10
TD Bank$8
PNC Bank$10

These fees are for the state of New York, and most banks have consistent fees across the country, but always make sure by checking with your bank. Fees are usually found under the Checking Account sections on a bank’s site.

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