Many people shy away from buying generic, mostly because it’s not the brand they saw on TV, or because they believe the quality is not as good. Consumers are used to seeing brand name goods on their TVs, billboards and online. Many experts claim there are zero differences in ingredients between generic and name brand. Some consumers would beg to differ, claiming there is a difference in quality, and choose to be loyal to a certain brand.


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The editorial team at MyBankTracker also implemented a Money Challenge in which we spent a week buying generic products to see if there was a difference in quality and on our wallets.

There are certain items that make sense to buy generic, as they are much cheaper than their expensive counterparts. We’ve picked the seven most universally agreed upon items that you should buy generic. These items are among the most common household products, from things you would find in your pantry, to what powers your remote control.

Begin our slideshow to check out these high-quality generic items.

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