Spring is a glorious time — the skies are blue, flowers bloom, and of course, it’s the time of year when we honor our moms on Mother’s Day.


In recognition of the women who taught us everything and gave us unconditional love, we invite you to participate in our Mother’s Day contest for a chance to win a $50 AMEX gift card!

Here is the question you need to answer: what is the most valuable money lesson you learned from your mother?

You will be automatically entered to win a $50 AMEX gift card by responding in one of the following ways:

1. Comment below.

2. Leave a comment on our Facebook page.

We will pick a winner on Wednesday, May 15, so be sure to check back with us! We will announce the winner Thursday, May 16 at 12:00 P.M.

5 Easy Ways I Teach My Kids About Money

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  • margaretsmith

    To look for the good in others and be proud of myself.

  • I would love this.

  • abfantom

    My mom told me to never buy anything with a credit card unless I could pay the credit card bill in full each month.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  • Stacy N

    Don’t buy unless you have the cash to pay.

  • Pam Glover

    Don’t buy it if you can’t afford it.

  • Tamar

    She told me to save. And I did. My accountant says we are more successful than others our age.

  • Sherry Gibbs

    You will never have anything if you dont work for it.

  • agordon10

    always try and find the good in everything

  • My mom taught me to be frugal by example. We never did without, but she saved up for what we needed.

  • Betty Antibus

    Save 10% of your paycheck!

  • If you don’t have it, you can’t spend it. No credit cards.

  • Amy Z

    I learned that you should only buy something if you really want it – never waste money on something you only marginally like.

  • Cliff Wrangler

    Learn how to cook great meals – better for the wallet, fun for the family, and good for your health

  • Mom told me to always make sure you save up for a rainy day

  • Stephanie V.

    treat others well and good things will come your way
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  • Don’t ever use credit cards when you don’t have to.

  • Sarah S

    My mom taught me to save money for things I really need, to always save a little instead of using every last cent to buy something I want.

  • GoldenOrchard

    Always save for a rainy day and NEVER keep all your finanical eggs in one basket! I heeded my mother’s advice! I planned my retirement in my 20s and have always keep multiple savings and investment accounts!

  • Shanna

    Unless you need it, dont splurge on things you want, not need. Always have a backup savings account. Watch your spending =)

  • My mom told me not to make to too many impulse purchases.

  • Kelly Nicholson

    what is the most valuable money lesson you learned from your mother?

    i doubt i learned any lesson like most people,the question is why didnt i listen!

  • You can’t spend what you don’t have. I later learned that that wasn’t true, but it’s a good idea to think that way so that you don’t get yourself in trouble.

  • Lisa Brown

    My mother always said to save, save, save.

  • Ron Shevlin

    Best advice I got from my mother came after we watching TV and there was a story about some guy who got arrested for stealing $50 from a bank. She told me:

    “Son, if you’re going to rob a bank, steal a LOT of money. It’s not worth getting caught for $50.”

  • Kelly R.

    My mom taught me to always put something away for a rainy day.

  • thanks for the awesome give away

  • my mom taught me to save

  • jlafount

    Get a job

  • My mom taught be to save 15% of my paycheck.

  • If it looks to good to be true, it probably is.

  • Never lend money to someone without a written agreement or a receipt.
    momof3chaos at gmail dot com

  • linda

    Always save!

  • April V.

    How to shop for bargains! And to realize that you don’t HAVE to have that expensive new shiny thing and that in reality it does the same thing as this well made inexpensive thing with a smaller price tag.

  • Hope Mitchner

    That every penny counts up and never buy anything unless you can pay cash

  • Derek Timm

    I learned to never just blow my money or gamble.

  • Patricia C.

    Make a budget and stick to it! Invaluable.

  • Brenna

    To find what you love and do it well!

  • Melissa

    From when I was younger my mom always made me save $1 a week for college and $.25 to donate for church ๐Ÿ™‚ even though it was a small amount … it taught me the importance of saving money and also to be charitable!

  • Jennifer Reed

    My mom taught me that second hand furniture had character and could decorate a home beautifully. This has saved money for my family.

  • s riches

    My mom taught me to never borrow money.

  • DianaAnsari

    My mother told me to spend wisely.

  • amy deeter

    if you cant afford it,dont buy it

  • April Beverc

    Save up until you have the cash to pay it

  • angela cisco

    To put some away each paycheck, for a rainy day.

  • thischickwins

    to never pay retail!

  • My mother told me if I don’t have the money to pay for something in cash, I don’t need it.

  • susan1215

    My Mom told me to only use cash. If you have to use a credit card you can’t afford to buy it.
    s2s2 at comcast dot net

  • Stephanie A

    My mom gave me an allowance and gave me jobs to do, she taught me money management and that if you want something bad enough you need to work hard and save up to pay for it!

  • Lori Taube

    My mom taught me how to use credit cards to my advantage and pay them off every month.

  • aekz2

    When I got my first job at 14, my mom told me to start saving money while I’m young.

  • Lorna P.

    If you have to use credit…you don’t need it!

  • always have a safety net of money for any situation

  • gina71

    Be very careful & cautious with credit card usage.

  • Kathryn C

    to pay myself 10% to put in savings with every paycheck, no matter what !

  • Jerry B

    a big pan type meal (like lasagna) goes a long way- can get two or more dinners out of it- saving $

  • allison.bahr

    Keep at least one hundred dollars in your account but pretend its not there

  • “Don’t sell those coins” (referring to old valuable coins from 1939 and earlier).

  • My mom always said to have a written budget, it helps a lot ! cfingram @ gmail

  • JR Reynolds

    I learned to shop secondhand- a fun and frugal hobby!

  • kristinwilkinson

    Never impulse buy! If you “think” you want something, wait a few minutes to think it over, then make an informed decision as to whether it’s something you REALLY want/need.

  • Julie Donahue

    Live below your means.

  • Tim Moss

    If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it!

  • Lauren Harmon

    My mom told me to never use credit and to only buy things that I could afford with cash upfront, wish I would have listened… she was SO right!

  • My mother is 82 yrs, old and there were 8 kids in my family. She has had to be frugal all her life. She just shops really carefully and doesn’t have the money to buy much that is not a necessity. So, I guess she has taught me to shop frugally. I guess that’s why I like going to Good Will, Savers, etc. You can really get some good things at these types of places.

    marcsgirl61 at gmail dot com

  • E A Saurin

    Reduce your inventory!

  • Nadine L

    Always save 10% of your income each week. You never know when there will be a rainy day

  • kathy pease

    my mother taught me that bills come before fun and I still live by that today.I make sure bills are paid before anything else

  • Danielle F.

    To never get a credit card, sadly I didn’t listen

  • Jaymi P

    Sadly, I did not learn a money lesson from my mom. I am trying to teach myself money lessons now.

  • Gina Ferrell

    You have to work hard for the things you want in life.

  • Always pay off your credit card balance monthly

  • DanV

    I learned to always shop around for sales

  • Marcus

    Build credit as young as you can, it will make your life easier as you grow up. She actually got a credit card in my name and paid all my school stuff with it to build credit for me, thanks mom!

  • denise donaldson

    If you cant afford it, you dont need it

    winz135 at gmail.com

  • Krazekatlady

    My Mom’s mantra was always “FIDO” Forget It and Drive On. It has helped me push through struggles in my life.

  • tara perez

    Be patient – good things will come to those who wait

  • Sarah Hall

    My Mom taught me to always work hard and only spend what you can afford. Buying on credit was not part of her vocabulary.

  • Tamara

    Always manage your money well, pay bills asap, and get your tax refunds. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sylvie

    She taught me to ignore product names and concentrate on the actual item to determine what you will buy whether this is for clothing, food, personal care products, etc . . . I use generics for vitamins and store brands of food and pain killers.