This month marks the beginning of college graduation time! Students will soon face the transitional time between graduation and finding a job. For the months of May and June, MyBankTracker will feature articles on finances related to college life.


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Managing finances can be a depressing task, since students have so little money to begin with. Students are responsible for keeping up with their studies, going to classes, applying for financial aid, paying for tuition, and quite possibly juggling a part-time job as well. Life can be hectic.

Many college students are living in the red — the only thing enabling them to pay for tuition and books are student loans. Some have part-time jobs to pay for things like rent and other expenses, while others depend on the financial assistance of their parents. Either way, nearly all college students have a ramen noodle kind of lifestyle, roughing it for the years they’re attending school.

Although finances are tight, there are clever ways to better manage money, even if there isn’t a lot of it to go around. Students should be more conscious of where their money is going, and how to save on purchases. There may be student discounts offered around school, and there may even be free activities offered as a part of tuition, that covers student life. Adjusting one’s lifestyle can ensure you still get to socialize while having more money at the end of each month to save or keep in case of emergencies.

The following slideshow addresses many of the common problems college students face that have easier fixes than one might think. So if you’re ready to organize your finances and maximize college living, jump into our slideshow!

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