Gone are the days of just seeing free pens at your local TD Bank. Nowadays, banks are offering unexpected services and items, such as, yoga sessions, ice cream and even free beer.


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At the heart of these seemingly random offerings is a desire to change bank branches into a kind of community center. Some banks invite customers to come in and have community meetings or host their own classes and seminars. Although this idea hasn’t quite caught on to the majority of banks, the ones that are offering these unusual services are hoping customers will step into their branch, grab an ice cream cone, and also make a transaction, such as acquiring a car loan.

Because we are living in a digital world, many customers do most of their banking from the comfort of their own homes. A recent study by Financial Management Solutions, Inc. found that monthly teller transactions at credit unions and community banks have fallen by 40% in the last two decades. Banks need to evolve with the changing times, and fortunately for customers, banks are no longer associated with limited business hours and long lines.

So if you’re eager to see the services and products these financial institutions are giving out, check out the most unexpected goods and services customers can take advantage of at their banks! Would any of these items or services entice you to walk into a branch, or do you think it’s a marketing strategy that is bound to fail?

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