There’s a lot to celebrate after a college graduation. With a new life about to begin, graduates can use a head start in the right direction. There are many gift options to choose from, and if you have a new grad to shop for, consider a more creative alternative to the usual novelty gifts and cash.


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Some graduates are truly on their own for the first time in the lives soon after graduation. It can be an exciting, yet terrifying time as they learn how life in the real world works and how quickly personal financial responsibilities will grow. By offering gifts that can help promote a more solid financial foundation to a new grad, you can help steer them toward the right track for financial independence.

Certainly any college graduate will enjoy the standard gifts and money, but a little creative thinking can also help them ease into adulthood with confidence and necessary resources. If you cannot afford an extravagant gift, remember that an even more important resource is your experience and advice. Be open to sharing your personal financial knowledge and career experiences when you were starting out. New graduates will appreciate the insight as they move into the start of their new lives.

Here are 5 financially responsible gift ideas for the college graduate in your life:

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