Amy: When did everyone get their first jobs, and what did you do?

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Simon: My first job was working at the photography studio that shot weddings, proms, graduations, you name it. When I first started, I entered data, but I eventually worked sales at events, asking people if they wanted to get their photos taken.

Amy: How did you get the job?

Simon: Actually, through my biology teacher. He was the yearbook director and asked if anyone wanted to help out and I did. The job was minimum wage and I worked starting senior year of high school, and worked through freshman year of college.

Bishoy: My first job was when I was about 13 or 14 and I worked at a summer camp taking care of fifth graders. I would read to them, create writing lessons, take them to the movies.

Amy: How much were you paid? Minimum wage?

Bishoy: Yeah, it paid minimum wage, and I worked just during the summer. I was there for a total of two summers.

Claire: My first job was when I was 16 and I worked at a Penguin’s Frozen Yogurt, which is a chain based in SoCal. I worked there for two months, and I was there on the weekdays after school.

I got paid minimum wage. My boss was crazy, and there was always drama at the store, but at least I got to eat a lot of yogurt. At the end of each week, we had to make sure the machines were empty, and my boss told us to throw away the yogurt, but it’s so much, so we just took a ton home.

Amy: I had my first job when I was a senior in high school. I worked for these two crazy, uptight ladies who ran their own skincare line. They worked out of one of the owner’s apartment and clients would go in for skincare appointments and then purchase their products.

I became so OCD after working here for two years. They made me highlight certain products on their invoices with certain colors, I had to pack a certain way. It was just nuts.

I was there until my first year of freshman year at college wrapped. I think I earned about $10 an hour.

Did you guys save your money?

Claire: My mom would tell me, “Save the money you earn from your paycheck!” But I remember my first paycheck was for like $110 or something and I just went to the mall and blew it all.

Amy: Yeah I never saved any of the money, just because I worked like, 8 hours a week and got paid so little that it was impossible to save. And as a kid at that age… I made lists of things I would plan to buy with my money even before earning it. Whoops!

Simon: No, I was at the height of my sneaker collecting phase, so I wasn’t able to save any money.

Bishoy: No, I didn’t save.

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MyBankTracker readers, what was your first job? What money lessons did you learn from them?

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