For many people heading into retirement, there are concerns about whether they’ve saved enough or invested properly to ensure they have enough financial stability for the years to come. There is also another concern among many already living in their retirement years. It is the fear of living longer than your retirement funds.


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When preparing for retirement, it is often based on best guesses as to how much you actually need to live on for the rest of your life. There is no way to accurately predict exactly how long you will live, but you need to pre-plan with the right strategies to get as close to the right number as possible.

Luckily there is some advice for continuing to generate an income even while retired and you can learn how to protect the cash you having coming in.

There are several likely sources of income you depend on for the retirement years. Here is a brief overview of how to handle each source of income properly to ensure it will continue to provide for you long into your future.

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