As the high school class of 2013 prepares for the transition to the college life, financial arrangements are on the top of the to-do list. Undoubtedly, many incoming freshmen are considering a credit card as a convenient form of payment their hectic college careers.


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However, it’s no secret that credit cards pose a major financial risk to young adults who cannot handle them responsibly and are not yet capable of repaying large amounts of debt (in addition of the student debt that they’re incurring). So, recently-enacted laws forbid anyone under the age of 21 from obtaining a credit without a co-signer or proof of reliable income.

For soon-to-be college students who can prove that they’re financially responsible, credit cards can also offer rewards while they start to build a good credit history. As with all types of credit cards, some student credit cards are better than others.

Most of the students cards on our list are the same as their non-student versions, except that they tend to have higher APRs and lower credit limits.

Here’s MyBankTracker’s list of the 5 most attractive credit cards for students:

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