Life can get hectic. And, when life gets the best of us, it’s easy forget to pay the bills. If one of those bills happens to be for a credit card, it could become a costly mistake. Most credit cards come with hefty late-payment fees and over-the-limit fees, which are followed by a rate hike to the penalty APR, typically around 29.99%.

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To make things worse, a missed payment may end up on your credit reports (if payment remains past due for an extended period of time), which will cause a dent in your credit scores. If the damage reaches this point, you’re looking at higher interest rates for all your loans in the near future.

Credit card companies have found a market in the portion of consumers who fear this detrimental chain reaction that can put them in a tough financial spot. There are credit cards that waive many of the common penalty fees and refuse to impose a penalty APR.

Here are the best fee-friendly credit cards that are currently available:

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