This year, Independence Day fell on a Thursday. It’s a bummer for much of the American workforce that would have preferred that July 4 land on a Friday, which would mean a three-day weekend for most people.

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According to AAA, 41.1 million Americans traveled for during the Fourth of July in 2012. This year, AAA projected that 40.8 million Americans will travel during the holiday. The anticipated decline is due to the shorter vacation duration compared to last year (July 4th was a Wednesday last year).

Unless you took Friday off, you’re probably heading back to the office after a day of grilling, sunshine and fireworks. Count bank employees in that crowd because banks will reopen for business as usual. It’s also worth noting that many bank branches are open Saturdays anyway.

Banks rarely shut down for business on days before and after major holidays. Black Friday, for example, occurs after Thanksgiving Thursday every year, but banks treat it as a normal business day. The only exceptions are Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, when some of the big banks will close in the early afternoon.

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