Claire: For me, it’s coffee. It’s the one thing for me that I would buy, regardless of how much it costs me. I just don’t worry about the price of coffee, because it makes me happy. I can very easily buy one cup of Starbucks a day, and I’ll just pay for it.

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Amy: For me, one thing I tend to spend a lot of money on is print magazines. When I was in high school, I used to buy the standard American magazines — Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, you name it — but as I got older, it became the foreign editions of magazines, which got to be a really expensive hobby.

Bishoy: How much does that cost you?

Amy: In college I used to be way more fanatic about it, so it’d be like two different imported magazines a month, and those things can be expensive. It was like $25-$30 an issue!

Bishoy: Dang, that’s a lot.

Amy: Yeah, I’ve definitely cut back on it.

Claire: Let me ask you this, how often do you reread these magazines?

Amy: To me, collecting magazines it’s like collecting photobooks. I don’t “reread” the magazines per se, but I like saving them so that I can flip through them at different points in time. And then as I got more and more magazines and less and less space on my shelves, I stopped buying as much, ripped pages out that I really liked, and scanned them. I have a pretty digitized collection now.

Bishoy: I feel like the grooming supplies that I spend money on every month — gel, conditioner, shaving gel — I consider to be luxuries.

Simon: For me, it’s gadgets. I’m a big gadgets person. Every few months, I feel an itch to purchase something gadgets-related. I constantly feel like I’m outdated and I need new ones to stay in the loop.

Amy: What are some things you’ve gotten?

Simon: Headphones, for example. Those things can get expensive. I have like three headsets for different purposes, I’ve paid around $200-$300 for each one. (laughs)

Claire: Katherine, you?

Katherine: My thing would probably be makeup. I don’t wear a lot of it on a regular basis, but I just like purchasing it. I have like 20 lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, and so much more.

Amy: How often do you purchase and what do you buy?

Katherine: I tend to prepare department store brands and those I’ll get a couple of items every two-three weeks. Those I usually buy at full price. I don’t buy a lot of drugstore makeup, but for those, when I do buy, I’ll hold out for the sales.

Simon: We all have our vices…

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