The editorial team at MyBankTracker has pondered over how much to tip when you’re dining at a restaurant. Do you simply double the tax? Do you base it on the quality of service? On the other hand, the servers get low wages to begin with, so isn’t it better to always leave more? Then it always confuses things when you have to split the check with 10 of your closest friends. What if you only ate a salad and everyone else ate giant steaks?


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Tipping, in general can be a much debated and complicated subject. When you throw celebrities into the mix, you’d imagine it’s easy since Hollywood A-listers are living the good life and not worried about their bank accounts, right? Wrong! We discovered 10 high-profile stars who either don’t believe in tipping, or they’re just plain cheap.

Also, leaving your signed copy of your headshot isn’t the same as receiving a tip! (Yes, some stars actually did this.)

Believe it or not, celebrities have stiffed restaurant service charges and refused to pay tips when they dine out. There are even some celebrities that get a comped meal and leave nothing to show for it.

We compiled a list of the ten most infamous cheap tippers.

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