A few weeks back I shared my experiences on how I budget my finances on a freelance writing income.


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While I still have some challenges and hurdles to overcome, I am learning how to become a better saver. I have learned to become a less impulsive spender and I often consider what my financial status may be like in the next 30 plus years.

One of the basics to saving is to obviously spend less, but creating a budget and knowing where your money is going on a monthly basis is extremely important. Whether you create your own personalized spreadsheet, or prefer to use tools like Mint.com, it’s a must to write down where you spend your money. You just may be surprised to find out you’re spending way too much on restaurants and eating out, or discover you’re not saving enough compared to how much you’re spending. (The general rule suggested by money experts is to save 20 percent of your income.)

Here are some tips to help you become a better saver.

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