Amy: One of my biggest money pet peeves is when I go to a deli and I have to abide by a minimum for debit/credit card. This is definitely a lesson for me to always have some cash on me, no matter how small the amount, because having to spend unnecessary money just to fulfill a minimum really annoys me.

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And I always end up having to spend it on useless things too, like a pack of cookies or an extra drink. Delicious, for sure, but a waste of money! (laughs)

Claire: For me, it’s something we talked about before, but when large parties go to have dinner, and then one person only has a salad and a water and then everyone else goes crazy with the order. Then the bill comes, and everyone suggests they all split it. That’s just not fair!

Katherine: My restaurant-related money pet peeve is when I pay a bill, and then the waiter keeps the change, assuming that that’s how much I want to tip.

Amy: Yeah, that happens to be all the time! I have to specifically ask for change.

Claire: Or they’ll be like, “Do you need change?” Um, yes I need change! I’ll decide how much I want to tip after you give me my change!

Katherine: Another money pet peeve is when I pay my bill at a restaurant, and then I get chased down if I don’t tip enough. This happened to me once.

Amy: It’s happened to me too, the one time I ever under-tipped.

Katherine: I have so many of these: really stingy friends. One time I went with a friend to watch a show and since he got discount tickets through his work, we had to pay for the surcharge. The surcharge was something like a dollar because the show was in Manhattan, and he made it a point to take the dollar from me.

Amy: Oh man, that he did that is even more annoying than the surcharge.

Claire: What annoys me is when I pay for someone’s meal — I pick up the tab for dinner, brunch, or drinks — it’s sort of this unspoken rule that next time, you pick up the tab. Buy me coffee afterwards, or something! And they don’t do it. Really?

Amy: On a similar front, this happened to me a lot more in college when I hung out with many more broke people, but sometimes there are friends who are just always broke and never have any money, but they don’t ever say “no” to hanging out. So people who did hang out always had to accommodate for them, or sometimes even pick up their tab, and that’s just uncool. Once or twice is fine, but more than that is just inconsiderate and makes you look like a pest.

MyBankTrackers, what annoys you? Leave us your comment below!

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  • highinterest

    1. Group dinners without separate checks, with people who leave no tip or a very small tip. I hate having to make up some of the difference between the actual and deserved tips.
    2. Women who ALWAYS expect the man to pick up the tab. It’s the 21st century, ladies; at least pretend you want the full equality you deserve. I don’t mind paying most of the time, but at least OFFER.

    3. Undisclosed surcharges and service fees.
    4. People who never carry cash. C’mon, at least have a $20 on you just in case!