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A unique feature that sets MyBankTracker apart from any other banking site is our reviews page. Anyone can write a review about their bank or credit card and share their personal consumer experience. If you’d like to leave a review of a bank or product, visit our Reviews page!

The team at MyBankTracker looked through thousands of reviews to find the most satisfied customers with the most compelling stories. It’s easy to harp on the negative, so we decided to start with glowing reviews for some of the biggest banks in the U.S., including Bank of America®, Citibank, Chase, Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank.

If you’re on the fence about which bank to choose for yourself or a family member, consider the following reviews before making your decision. You can also visit each bank’s profile page on our site to check out the rest of the reviews.

*Reviews have not been edited for spelling or grammar corrections, so as to preserve the authenticity of each review.

Bank of America®

Brit wrote about the stellar customer service experience she had with a rep named Rochelle, who resolved her banking issue and left her feeling in good spirits:

“I had the BEST customer service experience of my life!”

I am 21 and opened 2 credit cards online without reading anything about them. I always pay my bills a week before they’re due because I have anxiety about late payments and bad credit. I didn’t understand how I paid my bill early but didn’t have the full available credit so I called Bank of America® customer service. ROCHELLE was beyond amazing and I hold client service very high and she surpassed my standards! I did not understand the issue whatsoever and she patiently explained it in like 20 different ways until I completely understood, she even offered to transfer me to someone who could help me further if she wasn’t capable of doing so. After I got what she was saying I asked her a few more questions and she’s not only very intelligent but she’s so personable. She’s seriously amazing and made my day! She made my baking experience easier and When you understand what’s going on with your money your life is easier! THANK YOU ROCHELLE AND BANK OF AMERICA

bjones0407 wrote about BofA’s convenience, smooth customer service, and 0% charges on over-sea international ATM withdrawls:

“checking account is GREAT! ATM everywhere! free no charge overseas withdrawals! ”

If you’re looking to open a simple checking account, go with Bank of America®! They are great!!! Not only do they have convenient no charge ATM everywhere you go (down in subways, in mall, airport etc), they offer great online banking services!!! plus, the customer service is super smooth and very efficient! A great big plus is that when Bank of America® offer 0% charge over-sea international ATM withdrawals in several countries! i recently travelled to China, and BOA is partner with one of the better bank branches of China – Constructional Bank – i was able to use it for free!! and BOA keeps great security, i never had a single problem, rather, they would be monitoring my online banking activities 24/7! i love it!!! go with Bank of America®!!!

onabreak wrote about BofA’s quick thinking which resolved fraud problems to their account and security, as well as excellent customer service:

“I have had Bank Of America for Years and love them”

Anytime I have had any type of problem with my checking account they have always fixed it for me and right away. I have had problems with fraud on my account and when I ordered online I had my account compromised and things were ordered under my name and account and they put all the money back in my account and did it quickly. I always feel secure with this bank. The customer service is excellent. I read some of these reviews that said bad things about them and i dont understand it at all. I have never had a problem with them.

If you currently use Bank of America®, visit their profile page on our site to read more reviews, see how they rank, find branches near you, and more!


As a long-time customer, Laura P. wrote about Citibank’s reliability and fast acting to resolve account issues, as well as the online perks that come with being a customer:


I’ve been using Citibank for 10+ years now and have had minimal problems. Twice my account has been compromised due to using freestanding ATM’s in NYC, and both times Citibank quickly canceled my cards and reimbursed the money into my account. Online account access is great and very user friendly, I no longer use stamps – make all of my transactions online. I also have a Citibank savings account and transfers and payments between my accounts have always been seamless. I highly recommend Citibank for personal banking.

Rory P. wrote about their experience trying out nearly every other bank and finally settling with Citibank:

“Citibank is by far one of the best banks that you could be associated with…..”

As far as I am concerned Citibank is top notch. Every bank that you decide to conduct business with is not going picture perfect. Don’t get me wrong Citibank doesn’t have JD Power Customer Service, but it will do, and they do the best they can to make sure that there customers are satisfied. I have been to Bank of America®, SAFE Federal Credit Union, BB&T, Ally Bank, USAA, Armed Forces Bank etc. and these banks, when it comes to operation, Citibank beats these particular banks. Now I am talking as far as the banking side of the house. Citibank has however caused me some credit card horror, but that is another story for another post. Citibank is the first bank that I have been to that offers sky-miles with there checking account, that is a first for me. I am in the military and they really don’t cater to servicemen, but that doesnt really matter to me. Citibank is not the only bank that I work with. I am honestly having a great experience with Citibank banking and I am one satisfied servicemen.

IslandDawg wrote about a mortgage offer they got from Citibank that was so good, they thought it was a scam:

“A Positive CitiMortgage Streamline Refi”

After receiving a mortgage refi offer via UPS, I was ecstatic! I thought to myself — finally, I can save some money on my mortgage. My original mortgage is with CitiBank.
After reading a lot of reviews from various blogs of customers going through the same mortgage refi process, I became disenchanted. I honestly began to think that it was a scam; that I would never get a lower rate, etc. In fact, I started to apply at Quciken Loans. In a little over 60 days, a notary public came over to our home and I signed the closing papers yesterday. From 5% to 3.65% APR , $3785 to $3125 (with escrow) in monthly payments, $6K settlement costs (escrow), 30 yr., $591K refi, property appraisal $756K, 800 FICO Score… People do receive excellent customer service from CitiBank. Thank you CitiBank!!!

If you currently use Citibank, visit their profile page on our site to read more reviews, see how they rank, find branches near you, and more!


Jess S. wrote about why she feels Chase is the best retail bank in New York:

“Great experience, love Chase Mobile”

I have Chase Total Checking and Chase Sapphire. With Chase Total Checking, I bypass the monthly fees by doing direct deposits every month. I use Blueprint to pay down my Chase Sapphire bill through easy automatic bill payments. I rarely use branches, opting to deposit checks and send money using Chase Mobile’s QuickDeposit and QuickPay features. QuickPay makes managing our apartment expenses super easy, since I just request my roommates’ share of the bills via the app. All in all, I think Chase is the best retail bank in New York.

Rylan M. wrote about how a manager at Chase went above and beyond to get him his funds ASAP:

“A very pleasant experience”

Majority of reviews on chase seem to be about their credit cards (in which I don’t have one with chase)

However I do my personal banking (and have a personal checking and savings account) and overall have a very pleasant time. The tellers at the Tempe, Arizona locations (where I live) are very pleasant and friendly, they always greet me with a big smile and I enjoy having small conversations with them.

Despite everyone else’s experience, telephone banking is no different. I love how they’re always is little to no wait to talk to an agent and just how friendly and polite they are. Yes some of them often times had thick foreign accents but they still were able to be understood.

One example I would like to share is when I deposited a 4-digit amount check into a chase ATM, the receipt stated funds would not be available til almost a month. I called to inquire why; the first agent was unable to answer my question and then transferred me over to her manager whom explained to me that when a big check gets deposited, they’re some standard protocols they must follow. However he said if I gave him permission to contact the writer of the check (and 3-way call me) right now to verify the amount that he would make the full amount available. After the 3-way call the company successfully verified that they wrote me a check in that amount and as promised the funds were available immediately after.

Despite all the negativity about Chase on this site, they personally have made me feel welcomed and I have full faith that my money is safe with Chase. I am happy customer and will be sure to continue banking with them in the long term future.

Chapman wrote about Chase’s speed in identifying credit card fraud and how it brought peace of mind:

“Chase protected me from credit card fraud”

I have a credit card through Chase. I don’t use them for any other services.

A few days ago somebody posted a fraudulent charge to my card at a Walmart for over $300. Chase correctly identified the fraud, blocked the charge, and texted me immediately to ask about it.

When I called the number they gave me, I verified the fraudulent charge, and Chase immediately cancelled the account, transferred its reward points to a new account, and had my new card delivered the next day.

Since people usually only post reviews when they’re unhappy, I thought maybe for once I’d post a positive review. I was very impressed with the way Chase handled the attempted fraud on my account.

If you currently use Chase, visit their profile page on our site to read more reviews, see how they rank, find branches near you, and more!

Wells Fargo

hp wrote about the excellent customer service at Wells Fargo and their consideration of their customers:

“Great customer service and very knowledgable staff”

I’ve been with this bank for 7 years now and will probably never leave. As with many big banks the rates aren’t great but it’s the service I am after. I don’t have tons of money for the rate to matter to me anyways.

They are always helpful and if a complex issue comes up they take the time to figure it out and fix it. The phone bankers are always making sure you’re okay and let you in on their process so you’re not just sitting there wondering if they are even bothering to help you. I don’t get transferred from person to person. Usually everything gets answered with the first person, if not than I never go past 1 phone transfer. And they never give you a number and make you call it. They give you the number just in case and then transfer you.

Hands down, my favorite big bank.

Matt G. wrote about Wells Fargo’s transparency and lack of hidden fees or surcharges, as well as their great banking features:

“Been there for a while, never any problems.”

I’ve used Wells Fargo for 3 years now as first a High School Checking / Teen Checking account and now as a College Checking account and a Goal Savings Account, love both of them. The service I’ve always received is great, my direct deposit has gone in on time every time since I’ve opened my account. I’m very happy with my rates on my credit card, no hidden fees or surcharges. The ATM’s that can accept deposits are great! Also the online banking bill pay feature is great, no hassle with me having to buy checks and pay postage, they do it FREE! Great bank!

Michelle J. wrote from the perspective of a working-class family and Wells Fargo’s flexible treatment on bill payments:

“Terrific, helpful, willing to work with a hard-working-class family”

We are like many working-class families living paycheck to paycheck. We always pay our bills and work hard. Many banks, while willing to give us a loan charge very high interest rates. Wells-Fargo provided us with lower rates on a recent auto loan based on their prior experience with us, NOT based on our “fair’ credit score. We work hard for our money and are responsible citizens. I appreciate being treated that way, and Wells-Fargo has done that and has earned my respect as well. When my 40 yr old husband had cancer 3 years ago, they were the ONLY bank that would help us by being more flexible with our payments so we would not get too far behind. (Our mortgage lender, for example, told us they could not work with us unless we were 3 months behind…who wants to get 3 months behind before asking for help!!??). I would recommend their services, for sure. Thank you Wells-Fargo for remembering what our country was built on. You are truly one of the few left!

If you currently use Wells Fargo, visit their profile page on our site to read more reviews, see how they rank, find branches near you, and more!

U.S. Bank

Lydia M. wrote about the positive U.S. Bank branch staff and customer service as well as online banking features:

“I really enjoy US Bank. I had my very first bank account at age 18 through them and they continue to be a great company!”

I have had nothing but wonderful experiences from the moment I walked in. The staff is friendly and do genuinely want you to get the most for your time with them. With every concern I gave they helped me to see why it’s the best for ME, not the best for them. It makes a difference knowing they care enough to give me the most for my money and they want to see it grow and be well protected. I have nothing but praise for the people who work there, their checking and savings accounts and so many of their online features that make managing my money a breeze. As a young person it was important that I get started right in how to manage my money and they have helped me keep right on track with my goals and future dreams.

mtnseeker wrote about U.S. Bank’s convenient locations as well as overall appeal:

“us bank has saved my bacon more than once”

Of the national banks I would say US Bank does a pretty darn good job. If I wanted more personal service I’d open a CU account obviously, but location is more important to me. I’ve banked with about 10 other banks including BOA and Chase (wouldn’t recommend either). US Bank will generally try to make you happy, but they also like to make money–it’s pretty easy to avoid the fee’s if you go with Gold Package or one those and have regular direct deposit. They’re website is old school-ish, but it works very well. Overall good national bank that just works.

bimartin wrote about the ease of U.S. Bank’s online features and their positive experience with customer service:

“Absolutely great!!”

I have had nothing but good experiences with my bank. I do almost all banking on line for all accounts and to pay bills. I find the website extremely easy to use, easy to transfer money and now I can even deposit online. I can go to my local bank and get credit within hours. But of course, I also am a good customer, pay my credit cards in full every month, don’t overdraw my account, and haven’t paid a bank fee in a long time. I call and they are courteous, very very helpful, and when I had an unauthorized charge, they replaced the money to my account while the fraud department dealt with it. Unless something drastic changes, I’ll stick with this bank.

If you currently use U.S. Bank, visit their profile page on our site to read more reviews, see how they rank, find branches near you, and more!

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