Last month, MyBankTracker covered Natalie Gunshannon’s case against the fast food giant.


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She sued McDonald’s over unfair payment through payroll cards, which ignited a quest by New York law enforcers to look into the labor practices of major employers who issue payment to their workers with payroll cards.

Unfortunately for McDonald’s, they’re no strangers to lawsuits. They’ve had to deal with so many legal battles that they even have a Wikipedia page devoted to chronicling their many cases.

By now, almost everybody knows about the epic “coffee lawsuit” that was filed against McDonald’s in the early 1990s, when a customer had sued the chain after she was burned by the scalding hot coffee she bought. This landmark case is now studied by law students everywhere, and remains McDonald’s most publicized case.

That case barely scratches at the surface of it though: The Golden Arches has battled court cases in numerous places, in and out of the U.S. This year alone, they’ve been sued by consumers in Brazil, a disgruntled worker in the U.K. and one of Brooklyn’s own.

Read on for some bizarre and weird cases McDonald’s had to fight.

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