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A unique feature that sets MyBankTracker apart from any other banking site is our reviews page. Anyone can write a review about their bank or credit card and share their personal consumer experience. If you’d like to leave a review of a bank or product, visit our Reviews page!

The team at MyBankTracker looked through thousands of reviews to find the most critical, eye-opening reviews on the five biggest banks in the U.S., including Bank of America®, Citibank, Chase, Wells Fargo, and U.S. Bank. If you’re thinking about switching to one of these banks, consider the following reviews before making your decision. If you’re a customer at one of these banks, visit each bank’s profile page to leave a review and find out what your fellow banking members are saying.

*Reviews have been edited for spelling or grammar, to ensure it makes sense. These were the reviews that were voted “most helpful” by other users.

Bank of America®

“overdraft fees”

Kathy A. wrote about a terrible overdraft fee experience that left her in bad spirits:

I just closed 3 accounts w/ BOA- I was charged $140 in overdraft fees even though my bank statement did not show a negative balance. I had 4 charges on my account that were pending, an automatic deposit was made and cleared 1 or 2 days before the 4 charges cleared. I called customer service- on hold for a long time then they were rude and no help, went to a branch and talked to the vice- president. He tried to tell me that when I made a charge on my account the money is taken out that second and put into a BOA holding account to wait for the merchant to request it, even if that takes 3 or 4 days.

I was also told that the bank itself can see transactions on their computer that customers can’t see on their personal computers. So your online banking and your bank statement are not the true records of your transactions. I asked the vice-president of the branch to please fix the problem, he flatly refused and offered no help. I told him that I would be closing my 3 accounts and spreading the word not to use his bank and why. He told me “go ahead and do whatever I needed to” he didn’t care in the least.

“Go Ahead and Throw Away all of your hard earned money!!!!”

Amanda C. had a bizarre horror story in which her account was frozen and wrongly charged a huge sum of money:

Bank of America® is a thief!!! Please don’t use this bank ever in your lives if you want a secure place to hold your money. They froze my account and made it 1.7 million in the hole. They would not answer any of my questions and they stole my paycheck. I got paid on Jan 14th and still have not received it and it is Jan 25. I have never bounced a check or had any returned items in my account. They actually charged me $50 for reviewing my account since they thought something happened to it.

Please, I tell you do not use this bank. It is like handing your money to the devil. I have had to fight every single day just to try and redeem MY money. I would never in my life trust this bank to hold more than $5 at a time since it’s just that easy for them to freeze someones account without saying a word and without knowing where you can pick up the money that was in your account.

“Save yourself a lot of grief and go somewhere else”

Kens opened up about the bank’s lack of accuracy and efficiency in many of their services:

Had been a customer since 1991, the bigger they got the worst they got. Now it’s the 8 arm monster and none of the arms know what the other one is doing. They get accounts confused, numbers wrong. Never return calls or emails. Took months to close all the accounts which were all in good standing. Even had problems getting in safe deposit box. Always very slow service, very time-consuming to do business with either on the phone or in person. Last straw: it took 3 orders before they got our checks printed correctly. Very slow to do anything. Changed everything to BB&T very fast, accurate and good.

If you currently use Bank of America®, visit their profile page on our site to read more reviews, see how they rank, find branches near you, and more!

Wells Fargo

“I AM LEAVING WELLS FARGO AFTER 28 YEARS, the lousy idiots!”

Petaluma_realestate wrote about a loyal stay with Wells Fargo with on-time payments, only to have all credit lines diminished to nearly nothing :

I started at Wells Fargo Bank when they were called First Interstate 28 years ago. I have excellent credit and have never been late on a credit card payment in 32 years with well over $150,000.00 in lines of credit. I have a checking account, a savings account, and three Wells Fargo Credit cards, that, up until yesterday had $13,000.00 credit between them.

Three years ago, in January of 2009, I had a $20,000.00 credit line at Wells Fargo. I borrowed a cash advance of $14,000.00 for a business plan. I PAID THE FULL AMOUNT OFF IN SIX WEEKS TIME ! And, that is during a recession!

Their thank you was to send me a letter a month later and cut my credit line down to $7,500.00. Why? There was no reason given and when I called them, it got nowhere.

I, as a taxpayer, helped Wells Fargo get their $25 billion bailout in 2009, so how do they treat me when I am never late on a payment in 28 years? They chop my credit in half, the bunch of double-crossing idiotic jerks.

In 2010, I borrowed $4,000.00 once again against my Wells Fargo MarsterCard. Once again, in a recession, I paid the lump sum off a few weeks later. How did Wells Fargo thank me? A month later, they cut my credit in half again and made it $3,000.00.

This is the last straw. I borrowed a cash advance this year, in 2012, and paid it off in full, for $2,200.00, on Friday, June 22, 2012. I went online four days later to check my account, and, BAM!, I found that Wells Fargo chopped my credit card down to $1,000. This was so insulting that it is stupid. I am not staying with a bank where I borrow a total of $22,000.00 during a recession and pay it off each time within weeks of borrowing, just to watch them disrespect me. It is time to pull my money out and go elsewhere.

If they ever ask for another bailout from taxpayers again during my lifetime, then I will protest it at every turn. They are jerks and they do not deserve favors from American taxpayers and they don’t deserve our business.

“New Corporate Policy: Maximize BANK PROFIT from NSF and OVERDRAFT FEES!”

Michael R. explained his experience with steep overdraft and NSF fees he was charged by Wells Fargo:

Wachovia’s new zero tolerance policy on NSF and overdraft fees is unacceptable. I was recently charged four (4) NSF and overdraft fees of $35 each for four (4) transactions. That’s $140 in penalties! What’s appalling is that each and every item was smaller than the starting balance before this sequence of “hold” and “post” began.

One debit transaction (that rightly should have been denied) was on hold while the largest transaction was paid.. but also charged a penalty.. and leaving the next 3 smaller transactions, about $30 each, to all bounce separately as well, including the one debit that was on hold to cause the first bounce. I wrote and called several times and all I got was that “these charges were correct, in accordance with our policy.” When corporate policy exceeds mathematical possibility, you know that maximizing bank income from NSF ad overdraft fees has become a priority more important than keeping faith in customers. I, for one, am leaving Wachovia and Wells Fargo.. forever! We all deserve better, including the poor folks who have to work for the corporate geniuses who implement such anti-customer policies.

“deposit and charge manipulation.”

Richard H. recalled a terrible customer service incident that resulted from charges bouncing seemingly for no reason:

For the couple of months I have banked there, every single charge including checks would show up as pending, and then would finalize the next day (deposits are the same way). My direct deposit has shown up pending on Thursday and finalizes on Friday every week. This time, it doesn’t show up on Thursday at all (but does show up pending on Friday morning meaning it will finalize on Saturday, a day late). Had I not caught this and done a direct deposit advance (which cost me 46$), that would have cost me another 12 bounced charges.

So I check with others at my work (this is an employee account), and I am the only one that got a direct deposit a day late. 2 people confirmed for sure that their deposit showed pending on Thursday.

I go in and talk to the bank. The first guy I talked to said, yes we will push larger checks back as they are often more important checks like rent (which of course causes many more small charges that have already cleared to bounce). He asked what I would have preferred, that they let the large one bounce? I told him yes. He went to talk to another employee. I walked over as I had not mentioned the direct deposit yet, and told him I had another issue as well.

This guy just changed the subject when I mentioned what the other guy had said, and he said that checks won’t show in online banking till a day or two after they post. I tried to show him printouts that showed pending checks. He ignored all the printed proof I had. He never looked at my proof close enough to read anything. He called me a liar and treated me like garbage.

If you currently use Wells Fargo, visit their profile page on our site to read more reviews, see how they rank, find branches near you, and more!


“Chase playing god with other people’s money.”

Here is Jerry M.’s fiesty review calling Chase out on making inappropriate decisions on behalf of their customers:

I finally got a decent pay check which happened to be around $4000. Due to the fact that most of my other checks were around $1000 Chase decided it would be in my best interest to put a hold on the $4000 check having my best interest in mind – BS! After 90 minutes on the phone they finally decided that it would be ok to make the funds available! Oh REALLY! How was it that because I reamed them out that all of a sudden my best interest was to make the funds available! Either it is or it isn’t in my best interest – Hey Jamie pull your head out of your butt before someone puts their foot up there and you never see daylight again!

“Very disappointed”

Verydisappointed wrote about being told over the phone that their account was terminated due to being considered a risk:

I have had my account with chase for more than two years now. At one time I had, a brokerage, a saving, a checking and two credit card accounts with them. Everything was good till just now when I got a letter in the mail that my account will be closed in two weeks. Called the customer services, who basically told me that bank has performed analysis of my account and found that I wasn’t worth the risk based on my account history and therefore have decided to terminate my account. I am really disappointed in this decision because I feel that I have been declared guilty without any trial.

I do feel depressed and worried as to what might have caused them to flag my account (which they will not tell me). I did had a couple of wire transfer from my home country one 10 k and another 20k but both of them were about a year ago. Also took some cash (about 5k) from my account about a month ago and then redeposited in the same amount to pay a credit card bill of another bank. Other than these all I have been doing with this account is putting money into it and paying my chase credit cards bills.

In the end, I am upset and I wanna tell everyone who might be looking into Chase as their bank that this bank is not dependable and can kick it’s customer out without any explanation. To be fair to Chase, I would say that I liked their services (especially online account) till it lasted, but I don’t think it was worth it. In the end I am very disappointed in Chase!

“$5 Over Limit=Default Rate For 10 Months”

Mark highlighted his one-time incident going $5 over his credit card limit, and being charged an exorbitant fee, as well as a huge swell in his default interest rate:

My card went over the limit once for $5. I went over because my friend didn’t return 2 xbox360 games ($130) to blockbuster. I paid it back down under the limit the same day and even called them and explained and they reassured me that my rates should not go up. Then later that day came a $55 over limit fee!!! Then a month later even better. Default interest rate of 29. 99%. I have called them and been nice, called them and been mean, called them and begged, called them and asked for a manager for 5 minutes straight, but they will not lower you off default rate for at least 6 months.

Every time, they said call in 6 months and they will consider re-evaluating the interest rate. I have never been late on a payment on anything. This is the first time I’ve ever gone over and i have 2 cards with chase (one used to be a wamu card). Both accounts are ~4 years old. My credit score is 690. I do have about 70% balance used but that is a reason to abuse me for 10 months? Screw chase.

If you currently use Chase, visit their profile page on our site to read more reviews, see how they rank, find branches near you, and more!



Jerry K. experienced several account issues with Citibank:

I’ve had a couple of accounts with Citibank and all of them have been horrible. Starting with my longest account, the CITI dividend Mastercard, I had been pretty satisfied up until the last 8 months. Out of nowhere all of the sudden they demand I pay $200 over the minimum payment or they will raise the interest rate. I called customer service, no help there… Horrible. So the next month, they closed the account because I refused on either term.

Second was my mistake to re-finance my car with them five years ago. Two years ago they discontinued their car loans and sold it off to Santander Consumer USA. That should have been a clue right there…

Third, my Citi Flex account… Due to the economy they discontinued the program and would not negotiate any further rate changes or be customer service friendly at all.

I still have issues with my CITI Flex account going from an 11.25% to 29.9% interest rate every couple months. I call, talk to five people and after about an hour it goes back down to the 11.25%.

DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME! There are much better banks worthy of your business like Chase or AMEX. I have a 690-700 credit score and have never had so man problems with one company. I’m taking my bonus check this year to pay off all my debt with them so I can use Banks that care about people.


“absolutely horrible i plan on closing my account as soon as all this mess is cleared up! i will never trust citibank”

aaccbb felt mislead, lied to, and robbed:

i had paid my car payment online and it didn’t show up on my online summary so i called Citibank to see if it didn’t go through and they said it didn’t and for me to submit it again and even if it came out twice they could fix it so i submitted it again because they told me to! and it sure did come out 2 times so i called them and they said there was nothing they could do! so this caused our account to over draw and also our mortgage check is going to bounce!

now we are with out ANY MONEY WHAT SO EVER! so i called them again and the manager said i could get a temporary credit if my car loan place agreed to give me a refund! so i called to get a refund and they said it would be around 25 days…. so i call citi bank and now they say they cant give me a credit! and they are sorry for my inconvenience! i have never been so disappointed in a company and have never been lied to in such a manner i cannot wait to get away from all of this and go to a real bank that actually cares for their customers!

“Worst customer service no matter what branch. High fees without warning.”

Jim G spoke out about his feelings towards Citibank after 25 years of service:

After 25 years I’m done with Citibank. They jacked all their fees up after the financial crisis and my credit card fee even though I’d not missed a payment.

They pretend to be a community bank by sending out letters that state they are there for us but if there’s a problem with a deposited check (mis endorsed etc) they don’t call you, they bounce it so they can begin receiving their overdrawn fees that begin at $30 and grow $10 a day until satisfied. Goodbye and good riddance.

If you currently use Citibank, visit their profile page on our site to read more reviews, see how they rank, find branches near you, and more!

U.S. Bank

“Horrible. Go Somewhere Else. This Is A Must-Read. Especially Business Owners.”

CCannon wrote about being put through the wringer and charged for a mistake U.S. Bank made:

I’ve had my personal accounts w/ usbank (usb) since before they were even usbank (over 20 years). It’s been the most stressful & unpleasant relationship imaginable. (note: i now do my personal banking w/ bank of america, you’ll soon understand why).

Recently, my information/identity was stolen & my account had fraudulent charges that resulted in an over-drawn account & $35 return item fees (rifs). I contacted usb to resolve the issue & file a claim. After about 45 minutes of being kicked around between the fraud department & business banking department, i explained for the 7th time it was fraud.

Apparently finally getting it, a hold was placed on the account so pending fraudulent transactions would “decline” & the posted fraud transactions removed. Yet, they refused to do anything about the $35 rifs. To clarify, usb removed the charges because they were fraud yet the rifs, assessed by usb (b/c the fraud over-drew the acct), remained. Apparently, there’s only 1 way to get these $35 rifs removed.

The way? Track down the identity thief, ask them to write a letter to usbank explaining they indeed stole my identity & to reverse the charges to my acct because they were fraudulent. Then, & only then, will the rifs be returned. What a joke.

So, unless you have the patience of a saint to deal with a bank, the tracking abilities of a navy seal to find your identity thief & the charm of robert redford to have your identity thief (once caught) write you a nice, descriptive letter explaining the charges were fraud, then run the other way.

“Most horrible experience ever. These people try to take any money they can, hold as much as they can for as long as they can.”

Janet H. wrote about not being given access to her funds and a lack of empathy from U.S. Bank:

Any time my account is low, they take fees for anything they can pull out of their hats until you are overdrawn. Most recent experience, 8/3 deposited $2,500 for purpose of paying bills and did not have access to the funds for 4 days; on the 3rd day, I needed money, so I deposited another check, thinking I would have access to at least $200 more, but I could not squeeze a dime out of them, though I told them I am out of gas, have my elderly mother in extreme heat in the car, we had to leave car a mile away and take a taxi home. The reason given was that they counted that day’s deposit in with Friday’s, so I could only get $200 between the two deposits, which I already had gotten last Friday.

So I paid my bills on Tuesday, believing I would then have access to the two deposits. WRONG AGAIN. They decided to put a hold on the 2nd check deposited because they said they had reason to believe the check would be returned! It was my mother’s check, who has never written a rubber check, I have NEVER deposited a check that did not fund and there was absolutely NO REASON for them to hold my funds. Then they changed it to the reason now is because I have had too many NSF’s in the past–guess what, it is due to the fees they indiscriminately take and refuse to reverse most of the time, and I put money in to cover it immediately upon finding out it is overdrawn.

I now have no money, little gas, have appointments where I need to pay to have my dog seen by vet, no food in the house and they say they are holding the entire check for one week from today, which would total 9 days since my deposit.

“Next to impossible to get anything from this bank”

FacebookUser wrote about being declined for a loan for seemingly little reason:

I have been banking with this bank for over 15 years and I have never been able to get a loan from them. I don’t have perfect credit, but it isn’t bad. I recently attempted obtain a loan from this institution for a car, and was of course declined. The interesting thing about it is, the amount of available money in my saving acct was almost double the amount of the loan I was applying for, and had been for over a year!! I will be changing bank when I return, will be happy to see the looks on their faces when I ask for my very large check as I am closing out my accts. They certainly do not value their customers.

If you currently use U.S. Bank, visit their profile page on our site to read more reviews, see how they rank, find branches near you, and more!

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