The news of George Zimmer’s firing as spokesperson and CEO of Men’s Wearhouse on June 19th came as a shock to the American public, who had seen Zimmer’s commercials for nearly thirty years.


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His infamous catch phrase, “You’re going to like the way you look. I guarantee it,” resonated with people everywhere, and those loyal to Zimmer and the unique image he built for the brand, are speaking out about his abrupt dismissal.

“Every time I read a post from Men’s Wearhouse, I read it in George Zimmer’s voice,” wrote David Coy, of San Antonio, Texas, in a comment on Men’s Wearhouse’s Facebook page. “You have lost my business. I guarantee it,” wrote Ed Flias, of Lauderhill Fla. Scores of other comments in the same vein can be found on YouTube videos released on the Men’s Wearhouse page, which now has its catchphrase slightly tweaked as “You’re going to like the way you look. We guarantee it.”

Unfortunately for Zimmer, he chose to make Men’s Wearhouse a public company, thus creating the conditions that enabled such a dismissal to occur. However, there are other founders who also unwittingly set the stage for their own firings. After being ousted, some of these CEOs have made a comeback, while some of them left their industries entirely.

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