By making financial goals, savers have incentives that keep them striving for financial progress. Banks and financial companies have equipped consumers with various goal-setting tools. But, when there are too many goals, financial progress is actually stifled. MoneyDesktop, a provider of PFM tools to banks (and then to customers), unveiled a new feature to address this problem.

Last year, MoneyDesktop wowed attendees at Finovate (a financial technology conference), with its visually-stunning “Bubble Budgets” for its personal financial management (PFM) tool. It incorporated colorful circles in different sizes for a new perspective on tracking budgets. This year, at the same conference, the company unveiled a new perspective on tracking financial goals.

Called “GuideMe,” the feature places financial goals on a timeline so that consumers can visualize their progress and see how different changes to their finances can affect their goals. Yes, MoneyDesktop also created an eye-catching interface for GuideMe.

“For a feature like Bubble Budgets, we’ve been looking backwards at how you’ve been transacting and how you’ve been spending your money,” said Nate Gardner, vice president of client services at MoneyDesktop. “[GuideMe] flips the perspective so we can start giving context to how your spending is actually affecting you in the future — your longer-term goals and objectives.”

GuideMe allows users to create goals, whether it’s paying something down or earnings towards something. As each goal is adjusted or changed, GuideMe will move the goal within the timeline to provide a rough idea of when that goal will be completed. A key aspect of the feature is the ability to prioritize certain goals so that the most important, such as retirement savings or a child’s college fund, are overshadowed by less pressing needs, like that 90-inch TV.

The feature aims to outclass the other PFM tools that simply support a long list of goals that may overwhelm savers, or divert them from their main financial goals.

GuideMe will be made available through MoneyDesktop’s PFM platform on mobile devices and online banking.

Currently, MoneyDesktop is partnered with more than 400 U.S. financial institutions.

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