This month, we kicked off another season of deep throws and hard hits. Football is here!


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A few weeks back, I ventured into a bar to watch the Bears and the first game of the season. While surrounded in Chicago glory (at an NYC bar), I only spent $20 for a drink and sliders. Not bad, I thought to myself, but as I looked around I saw bigger groups ordering massive amounts of food and drink while decked out in the finest Bears’ apparel I have ever seen.

Then I thought, how much does being a football fan actually cost?

Supporting a team can hit your wallet hard especially if you love tailgating, camaraderie, and team gear. Not only that, in recent news, the N.F.L. said it will raise prices of the most expensive tickets for Super Bowl in February at MetLife Statium in East Rutherford, N.J. Tickets for premium seats will cost about $2,600… each.

Check out the following expenses of being a football fan.

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  • Lightning

    This is sad that only the wealthy will soon be the only ones that can afford to attend the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl will be only, for the most part, for those wealthy
    stars, celebs, politicians, and others who are not real fans but will attend the Super Bowl pretending that they are diehard fans. There are still many who will make the sacrifice to attend regular season games although many corporations buy a lot of tickets as part of their doing business for clients and staff. For most of the fans the best seat will still be in their homes.