With the recent release of the Apple iPhone 5S, we get another glimpse at rampant consumerism. The tech giant’s latest product launch included the iPhone 5S Gold Edition, one of which was sold on eBay for $10,000. The “Gold Edition” does not actually have gold in its casing, it is just gold in color.

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The gold-colored phone is on backorder, but it hardly seems rational to spend $10,000. In that eBay listing, there were 51 bids on it that culminated in a $10,000 ending price. And now, hundreds of people are now buying and selling their colored iPhone for thousands of dollars on eBay for an item that only has $199 retail value. Craigslist is also being used as a black market for this new iPhone.

I can’t imagine how much the iPhone would sell for if it was actually made of gold.

The iPhone 5S Gold Edition is definitely not alone when it comes things that do not need to be so expensive. There are a plethora of affordable everyday items out there that people manage to buy for upwards of 4,000 times the normal retail price!

Check out our list of 8 ridiculously-priced every day items and their actual cost. Would you pay this much for any of these items?

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