Everyone has had one or two really negative money experiences that’s ingrained in your memory forever. In the spirit of Halloween, the team shared some of our scariest money moments, and if you can relate, participate by entering our $100 Money Nightmare contest!


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Simon: I have one that I think I’ve told you all. So in my sophomore year of college, I embarked on my first individual stock purchase. I would go to class and the minute I sat down, I’d pull out my phone and check how the stocks were doing, and I remember the stock I had invested in was just tanking…

Kat: That sucks.

Simon: At one point I literally lost half of what I invested — $500. So I stopped investing after a while, and when I started up again I really did my research first.

Claire: Wow… that’s pretty bad, especially when you’re still in college. I have a nightmare that I’ll never forget. When I was in junior high, my parents owned a supermarket, and anyone who owns a store usually has a lot of cash lying around. My parents always kept their money locked in a desk though, so they tried to be as safe as possible. But my sister had these hoodlum friends, and they broke into the dresser and took my parents’ money.

Simon: Did you file a police report?

Claire: Well, I didn’t know who did it until two years later, when one of the accomplices told me to my face that he was the lookout guy!

Kat: Oh my God! That is crazy… how much did your parents lose?

Claire: I felt really bad for my parents, it was about $5,000. And her “friends” had it all planned out, they stole her house keys, and then broke into our house.

Mariel: Wow… well, my story is also upsetting to talk about. Just yesterday I had my debit card number stolen and whoever stole it was going to the most random places. They spent $200 at a video game store, $100 on school supplies, and $5 on Redbox. I’m just wondering why they didn’t spend more if they had it for the day, haha.

Simon: Because they were testing it out first.

Kat: That makes sense.

Mariel: Yeah, but I called my bank and they’re overnighting me a new card, and they’re crediting me for the money used, and deactivated that card so… crisis averted!

Claire: I’m glad it worked out for you, that’s a bad experience. How about you Kat?

Kat: Well, mine is a bit random. I was watching a movie in the movie theatre a few years ago, and someone crept under my seat in the dark theatre to grab my bag, which was on the floor. At the end of the movie, I couldn’t find my bag and was freaking out… and then I spotted it crumpled against the back wall of the theatre, and he had taken my metrocard, credit/debit cards, and money. I know I should have looked around me when I felt the rustling, but I assumed it was someone going to the bathroom.

Claire: That’s crazy, but don’t blame yourself, who would think to turn around in the movie theatre to check what was going on?

Kat: Yeah you’re right but, now I know!

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