College is a time for students to obtain their education, experience new things and, on occasion, get a little “crazy.” All of that costs money.

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However, for students who are financially responsible enough to receive a credit card, the hefty expenses of an active college life can be offset slightly with the right student credit card.Let’s look at the typical costs of a college student — we’ll call him Jake. Jake has to pay $600 per semester for textbooks, for a total of $1,200 per year. He has a car to make commuting easier, so he has to cough up $40 per week for gas ($2,080 per year).

Jake likes to treat himself to a restaurant meal from time to time because campus food and self-cooked meals just aren’t as delicious. That’ll be around $20 per week, or $1,040 per year.

Finally, there are other miscellaneous expenses that amount to $2,000 per year.

If all these costs are paid for with a credit card, Jake could reap a decent amount of cash back to mitigate at least some the financial burden of college life.

Here are highly recommended student credit cards that Jake should consider:

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