In the spirit of Halloween, we compiled a slideshow of some of the most expensive cemeteries in America. You might drop dead hearing how much it costs to spend an eternity in these places.


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It’s crucial to have a will or trust set up before you die so that your remaining money is allocated appropriately to repay any debt owed.

If you or a loved one are in a massive amount of debt, the question might have crossed your mind as to what will happen, after the inevitable. Debt is something that doesn’t usually get passed on to surviving family members, but it depends on the situation. The debt after death laws vary from state to state so it would be helpful to speak with an estate planner or lawyer. In most cases, debt isn’t transferred to anyone else after you die unless someone co-signed a loan with the deceased.

In addition to setting up a will or trust, it’s also important to consider buying your burial plot ahead of time, as it will save family members thousands. A typical price for a burial or funeral is around $10,000, according to an article on CNN. It’s certainly not cheap! Begin the slideshow to check out some of the most pricey cemeteries in the country.


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