Is high interest preventing you from paying down your debt? You may have good and honest intentions to pay down what you owe, but the interest on your debt could be overwhelming. Instead of paying interest and money that does not contribute towards reducing your debt, consider transferring your debt to a credit card with 0% APR until 2015.


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Opening a new credit card account with no interest for an allotted period of time is a strategy many people use to pay down their debt faster. Even if you do not have a high amount of debt that you want to consolidate into one place, you can still take advantage of cards with 0% APR until 2015.

New homeowners can fully furnish their homes without worrying about paying interest until 2015. You may decide it is finally time to take a trip with the family to a country you have always wanted to visit. What you decide to do with zero interest for over a year is up to you, it’s just nice knowing you won’t pay more than what you initially spent after you open a new credit card account. Of course, having a plan to pay off the debt is also important so you’re not overspending.

Have a look at the top cards with no interest until 2015.

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