Restaurants are no longer trying to win diners’ hearts only through their stomachs, but also through their unconscious minds. Consumer psychology has become one of the biggest marketing tools at consumer outlets, and restaurants are no exceptions. Having become better acquainted with consumer psychology, restaurant tactics are psychologically manipulating their customers to spend more through menu engineering and behavioral tricks.

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For example, the menu is not only about simply presenting the dining options to hungry customers, as it is a method to psychologically manipulate you. Menu design is thought-out carefully by the restaurateur, with the goal to make the more profitable high-margin items on the menu appear more attractive, which would help increase sales for the restaurant.

To prevent overspending, this slideshow compiles 10 of the biggest schemes that you should look out for the next time you eat out. Once you become armed with this knowledge, you can protect yourself from falling into the restaurant’s traps-no matter how clever they may be. Good luck!

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