Supermarkets bring on all the tricks with two things in mind: to increase the time you spend in the store and to increase the direct contact you have with the merchandise. Every part of the supermarket is carefully designed and thought out to help achieve their ultimate goal of making the customers buy and spend more.

Supermarket Floorplan

It’s important for consumers to recognize these strategies and their potential effects on their decisions while shopping. Simply knowing these tactics may not be enough to protect you from these ruses. In fact, many tricks are as blatant as can be, but it still isn’t enough to stop us from making impulse purchases.

It’s important to identify and tackle these psychological manipulations, in the hopes that you would be able to complete your grocery trip without succumbing to the subtle ways in which supermarkets try to get you to you to spend more.

In this slideshow, I highlight these tricks, as I head to the store to buy milk.

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