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Do you have a basic checking account and feel it is time to take it up a notch? Banks offer more than just average checking accounts.

Typically known as premium checking accounts, they offer a variety of features and perks to accountholders. However, as a majority of these accounts come with a hefty monthly maintenance fee — anyone looking to capitalize on a premium checking account should do a little research first. Compare the premium checking accounts at the top 10 banks in America.

Premium checking accounts are the equivalent of rewards credit card in the world of bank accounts. These premium accounts are reserved for those who understand how to truly manage their finances and want to be rewarded for it. Most of these checking accounts collect interest while providing incentives like free cashier’s checks, money orders, or out-of-network ATM use.

This data was compiled to give you a clear overview of each account. Banks may have more than one premium checking account.

BankMonthly FeeAdditional Perks
Bank of America: Bank of America Interest Checking$25 (waived if combined balance of $10,000 or more in linked deposits/investments)No-fee services such as standard checks, overdraft protection transfers, and incoming domestic wires
BB&T: BB&T Bank Elite Gold Checking Account$30 (waived if at least $25,000 in combined deposit balances in accounts held or a have BB&T mortgage with an origination amount of $150,00+)Two overdraft protection fees waived per month. $40 annual safe deposit box discount.
Chase: Chase Premier Plus Checking$25, unless you have an average beginning day balance of $15,000+ in linked qualifying deposits/investments or have automatic payments from Chase checking to your first Chase mortgageFees waived for Chase checks, non-Chase ATM transactions (first 4), small safe deposit box, counter checks, money orders, and cashier's checks
Chase: Chase Premier Platinum Checking$25, unless you have an average beginning day balance of $75,000+ in linked qualifying deposits/investmentsSame perks as Chase Premium Plus Checking and fee waivers for stop payments, wire transfers, and overdrafts
U.S. Bank: U.S. Bank Platinum Checking$17.95 for online statements and $19.95 for paper statements (waived if you maintain $25,000 or more in combined deposit, investment, and credit balances or have a U.S. Bank Trust relationship)No fees on non-U.S. Bank ATM transactions, overdraft transfers, money orders, cashier's checks, and personal checks and rate discounts on loans
Citibank: Citigold$0 (requires a combined balance of $200,000 or more in linked deposit, retirement, and investment accounts)Safety deposit box fee waived if valued at $125 or less, 50% discount on boxes greater than $125. Quicken software for $9.95 a month or waived if monthly balance requirements are met.
PNC Bank: PNC Performance Select Checking$25 (waived with $5,000 in combined direct deposits per month or average daily balance of $5,000 in checking or $25,000 combined in linked deposits/investments)Get up to 8 free checking, savings or money market accounts. Free global ATM usage, free checks, domestic wire transfers and free identity-theft reimbursement insurance up to $10,000. Earn cash back with PNC purchase payback.
PNC Bank: PNC Performance Checking$15 (waived with $2,000 in combined direct deposits per month or average daily balance of $2,000 in checking or $15,000 combined in linked deposits/investments)Bonus rates on select CDs, one free savings or premium money market account and free identity-theft reimbursement insurance up to $5,000. Earn cashback with PNC purchase payback.
TD Bank: TD Premier Checking$25 (waived if daily balance is at least $2,500)Free cashier's checks, money orders, and stop payments with no fee. Rate discounts on home loans.
SunTrust: SunTrust Signature Advantage$25 (waived with a total of $25,000 in linked balances)Free standard checks, non-SunTrust ATM transactions, small safe deposit box, and more
Wells Fargo: Portfolio by Wells Fargo®$30, unless you have $25,000+ in qualifying linked bank deposits or $50,000+ in qualifying linked bank, brokerage, and credit balancesNo-fee bank services, interest rate reductions, waived ATM fees, and dedicated customer support.

ATM Fees

Another major factor to take into consideration is ATM fees. The account you open will determine the type of fees that you need to pay if you decide to withdraw money, check account balances, or make a transfer using an ATM that is not from your bank.

This is a good breakdown to get you started on the differences between premium checking accounts at the top 10 banks in the U.S. Minimum requirements to open an account, interest rates available, and fees can help guide you towards opening the right account.

Consider Online Checking Accounts as Alternatives

Online checking accounts tend to offer competitive interest rates on your balances and they come with great perks such as ATM fee refunds and free standard checks. If you want a premium checking account without the hefty monthly fees or tough fee-waiver requirements, online checking is likely the better choice:

What are your thoughts on premium checking accounts? Beneficial or a waste of money? Share your thoughts by writing a bank review or leaving a comment below. 

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