It’s the merry season, which means you’ll be shopping to find gifts (if you haven’t already started). The number of people on your list may seem daunting, but there are many affordable gifts that look chic, stylish, and best of all, feel expensive.


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If you price point is $20 and under, we’ve got you covered. If it’s $50 and under it’s even better, because you’ll be able to afford every item on our list. We’ve organized our suggestions into broad categories, in which you can find versatility and a range of pricing options.

These gifts are truly a great value, and every penny is worth it, granted the items are of superb quality and design. For items we feel you should avoid, see our post on expensive gifts that aren’t worth the hype, and to make sure your holiday shopping steers clear of being ripped off, see our tips on how to avoid bogus deals.

To start shopping for luxurious inexpensive holiday gifts, click our slideshow to begin!

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