Everybody can use some extra luck, especially when it comes to money. All around the world, people still abide by questionable laws and practices to ward off bad fortune and to attract wealth. These culturally popular delusions give people a sense of control over the unpredictability of the future. This false sense of security is what enables superstition to affect human behavior across all societies throughout history.


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Some superstitions are based on pseudosciences presented to us in a believable way, some may present the cause and effect of a situation leading to more or less money, while some are so extremely far-fetched, it’s hard to see the origin of how it came about to signify monetary luck. With the progression of science, many superstitious beliefs and practices are disappearing (rain dance, anyone?), but some are still very much alive in our culture.

The odds are, superstitions won’t win you the lottery, but it can give you reassurance that money is coming your way, or at least that you’re not drawing bad luck. Follow me as I go over some money superstitions that I learned on my travels abroad, so you can stay lucky no matter where you are in the world.

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    What are some money superstitions from your country?