Credit card annual fees may be worth paying, when you open the right kind of card for your lifestyle. Rewards points, discounts, and concierge services are just a few of the many perks offered from credit cards. Many annual fees are relatively low, and if the perks are used properly can pay for itself. Credit cards with high annual fees can provide such value for the right cardholder, they are worth the cost. Some credit cards with high annual fees, such as airline cards will sometimes offer enticing perks, like a free extra flight ticket. How you plan to use your credit card plays a big role on whether or not annual fees are worth it. There is no point in paying for a card when you are not going to take advantage of the perks it offers. Take a look at credit cards designed for travel, as an example. Most charge an annual fee but have no foreign transaction fees. That perk alone can justify paying the annual fee, as foreign transaction fees can be costly. The longer a person travels, the more frequently he or she will have to fork up fees. By paying one annual fee, someone who travels often does not have to worry about limiting their card use because they are afraid of foreign transaction fees adding up. Traveling can feel less like a burden and more like a fun adventure when you don’t have to worry about additional fees being charged. Take a look at credit card annual fees worth paying and learn the perks they possess. Begin slideshow    Related Stories: Top 5 Secured Credit Cards: Fall 2013 The Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards: Fall 2013 6 Ways to Maximize Your Cash Back Credit Card


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