2016 is here — which means it’s time to make some New Year’s resolutions! According to, losing weight came in as number one of the most popular new year’s resolution in the U.S. In fact, the two most common New Year’s resolutions involved health and financial goals.

Gym memberships can provide you with the push you need to head over to the gym and help you save money —  only if you make enough visits to offset the cost of the membership. Most memberships have additional charges at initial sign up, which makes your cost for joining higher– especially if it’s not spread over many months of being an active member.

With special promotional discounts offered at the beginning of the year to target those who want to kick start their exercise routine, many become overly zealous and sign up for a long-term gym membership under unwavering determination that they will stay disciplined throughout the year. Unfortunately, a significant number of these memberships will go waste as many people give up on their resolution within the first quarter of the year.

Prevent yourself by signing up for a long-term commitment membership by weighing the cost of a short-term membership — and consider trying out a one day pass or a month by month contract if available.

We’ve compiled the list of the top 10 gyms across the nation to determine how many visits you need to make in a month to offset the price of the basic monthly membership. Don’t sign up for another membership until you do the math first.

*The prices listed here may not be reflective of all locations, and prices may vary depending on the region. Please contact the outlet nearest you to determine the exact cost.

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  • Veritatus

    This story isn’t correct. There are over 700 Planet Fitness locations nationwide, not 624. That was over a year ago….bad data. Still PF is clearly where one can get the greatest value and most bang for their buck.

    • Utility Account

      bullshit. They don’t even have barbells