Bitcoin continues to grow in popularity as more merchants are now accepting the digital currency as a form of payment. recently began to accept Bitcoin and saw a significant jump in sales after the announcement. The profit Overstock has received drew the attention of many other online retailers since the company completed over 800 orders the first day it began to accept the digital currency.


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Overstock CEO, Patrick M. Byrne, tweeted about that $130,000 in sales was generated from 840 orders on the first day, claiming almost all of the transactions were from new customers.

Overstock’s timing to accept this form of payment was perfect. The National Taxpayer Advocate’s 2013 Annual Report to Congress reports that Bitcoin usage has increase a total of 75 percent between July and December of 2013, and is increasingly growing in popularity.

In fact, the president of PayPal, David Marcus, stated in an interview with Bloomberg TV that the company is thinking about adding Bitcoin as a form of payment as well.

Popular online merchants currently accepting Bitcoin

Currently over 20,000 businesses and charities accept Bitcoin.

Here is a list of popular online merchants that currently accept Bitcoin:

You can find a list of all online merchants here.

You can also use a website called Coinsfer, which is dedicated specifically to converting Bitcoins to pay for anything online. Buy clothes, pay your bills, and spend your Bitcoins on literally anything and the website will convert it for you.

A variety of other Bitcoin-friendly websites exist, including one that will order pizza from a local pizza place in your area and have it delivered to your home. There is also a website that allows you to buy gift cards with Bitcoins. Many people are converting their Bitcoins into gift cards to use them online at major retailers like Target and Amazon or are using their funds to pay for anything with websites like Coinsfer and Gyft. Therefore, it’s safe to say you can find some way to pay for whatever you want using bitcoin.

Small businesses accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin is now being accepted at various businesses across the United States, including a Subway restaurant in Pennsylvania, a few hotels in California, and a cosmetics shop in Oregon. Merchants are realizing there is a growing demand for this digital form of payment.

Stay on the lookout for businesses in your area, they may start accepting Bitcoin before the year is over.

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