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We looked through hundreds of submissions to find the best bank reviews as voted by users, written on the profiles of the five biggest banks in the U.S., including Bank of America®CitibankChaseWells Fargo, and U.S. Bank.

*Reviews have been edited for spelling or grammar, to ensure it makes sense. These were the reviews that were voted “most helpful” by other users. We have not included “helpful” reviews that were in our summer edition. Helpful, positive reviews will follow this edition. 

Bank of America®

“Poor online info for forgotten pin number.”

ingba wrote that Bank of America® made him jump through hoops in order to get assistance in recovering a forgotten debit card pin number. He checked his online account and the Bank of America® website before he was directed them to call a customer service rep. After going through several steps to reach a real person, he was told to go to his place of employment to take up the issue.

* This reviewer was using an employment-provided debit card as a means of payment, hence the mention of employment in the last line of his review.

Wells Fargo

“Keep your money, don’t be ripped off.”

kelley h, shared her feelings of injustice at being charged fees, particularly when her direct deposit comes in. Despite calling a representative to ask for overdraft protection to be removed from her account (she preferred the card to be declined when funds were unavailable), she was charged an overdraft fee recently that caused her account balance to go into negative territory, which caused another fee.


“Bad service…”

Kiyakoya had a problem with an online transfer being delayed by a day, and was denied a fee being waived.


“30+ years with Citibank but looking to change”

EK950 is a Citigold client at Citibank, who wanted to get the branch ownership of his family’s accounts moved to a location near where they have lived for over 20 years. Citibank refused to accommodate them, insisting that their clients are able to experience good service from every branch, no matter where. After numerous calls and follow up with the two involved branches, EK950 gave up and searched for a new bank.

U.S. Bank

“Next to impossible to get anything from this bank”

Facebook User, has been a customer of U.S. Bank for more than 15 years, but has never been able to take out a loan with them. He describes his credit as less than perfect but not bad, he recently applied for a car loan and was declined, despite the amount of available money in his savings. He said it was close to twice the amount of the loan he was seeking.

Insulted, Facebook User plans to close his accounts and take his business elsewhere.

As evidenced by the most helpful customer banking reviews on our site, banks are far from perfect, a phenomenon we address when it comes to why banks have such a bad reputation. In fact, banks have had them intense scandals in 2013.

However, there are also instances in which banking representatives and professionals have been not only pleasant, but helpful to customers struggling with an issue or simply needing assistance. For those reviews, stay tuned for our Part II.

If you’d like to leave a review of a bank or product, visit our Reviews page!


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