The subject of credit is far from sexy for the average dater, but singles are increasingly moving towards websites that match relationship-seeking users based on their credit score.


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Though the trend has yet to receive mainstream exposure, one’s credit score is now seen by a growing number of people as an important aspect of someone’s dateability. Those who swear by the significance of credit scores don’t hesitate to let their date know that a good score is a prerequisite to taking the romance past date one.

A recent New York Times featured flight attendant Jessica LaShawn from Chicago who went on a promising first date that turned sour very quickly. LaShawn’s date, a financial professional, asked her what her credit score was.

“It was as if the music stopped,” Ms. LaShawn, 31, said. “It was really awkward because he kept telling me that I was the perfect girl for him, but that a low credit score was his deal breaker.”

Though the notion may seem ridiculous, credit scores have become integral in measuring an individual’s trustworthiness, reliability, and dependability. Insurance companies, banks, and landlords regularly check scores of individuals applying for a loan, insurance, an apartment, a credit card, and even a job.

“Like a psych profile, a credit report can tell a lot about a person and should be a major litmus test for past behavior and a possible look into the future,” explains mortgage professional and WealthCare Capital Management member, Bruce Specter.

“So many relationships fail due to finances. Long term relationships are part romance, part business (the essence of partnerships).”

As Specter describes, with one piece of information determining so many aspects of an individual’s life, it’s no wonder money-savvy singles have learned to gauge a prospective partner’s value through their credit score. and are just two sites that connect singles to other singles and their credit scores. Though both sites are fairly shabby, the fact that sites such as these now exist demonstrate the role finances can play in relationships’s motto “Good Credit is Sexy,” is a fitting slogan for a site that proclaims itself to be a humorous handy guide to credit score dating. However, while these websites were created tongue-in-cheek, recent studies have found grim statistics regarding the weight of finances in relationships.

A recent poll by the American Institute of CPAs found that money was the number one most common cause of arguments between married or couples who live together. What’s more, a Kansas State University researcher also found that money fights are the top predictor of divorce, all findings indicating that long-lasting romantic partnerships are based on more than just feelings.

With so much at stake based on credit reliability, seeking a potential partner’s rating prior to investing in them long-term is actually a smart move (though far from sweet).

Our suggestion? If you want to know your date’s financial standing, use context before going in for the kill. Asking such a direct question on the first date can be perceived as rude, especially since the information is deeply personal.

To get an idea of your date’s status, ask questions about their occupation, upbringing, and hobbies, subtly of course. By ascertaining aspects of their professional profile and personal lifestyle, you’re likely to find out a good deal of information that can be just as revealing as a credit score.

After they pass the first financial check, you’re bound to develop a more-telling relationship with them, creating an ideal setting to discuss the sometimes-taboo subject of credit.


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