What will the ATMs of the future look like? While banks are opening up newer features and styles at branches, ATMs are changing as well. Glimpse into the future of ATMs and see what new machines are currently being showcased in certain places.


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ATMs are far from becoming obsolete. These machines are evolving into devices that can complete the same type of transactions as tellers. ATMs can dispense cash in a matter of seconds as opposed to minutes. The following new machines will start popping up in the next few years and will change the way you think of automated banking.

Tablet ATMs

Many banks have already adopted tablet ATMs inside their branch. As banks renovate and open new branches, these type of ATMs are starting to pop up. You can complete all of the same transactions as a normal ATM, except the tablet version is more responsive and faster. There are some tablet ATMs that are allowing customers to complete all the same transactions as they would with a teller. This has allowed tellers to roam around branches freely in order to provide support to anyone who needs personal assistance, but at the same time makes it fast and easy for customers to make deposits or complete simple transactions through the tablet.

ATMs with motion sensors

You’ve probably played with a smart television or gaming console that uses motion sensor technology, and ATMs are adopting adopt this technology as well. This new feature probably puts germaphobes at ease, as plenty of people use these machines on a regular basis.

Simply move your hands to complete simple commands and you can withdraw cash, deposit a check, or do anything else a normal ATM offers when using a motion senor machine.

Cash-only dispensing ATMs

Do you go to an ATM to just get cash, but find it annoying when people spend a long time at the machine completing transaction after transaction? There is a new ATM in the works that is designed solely to dispense cash in order to keep the lines moving quickly.

One version of this machine in the works is called the  cash barrel dispenser. All you would have to do is swipe your debit card and provide your thumbprint. Input the amount you want, and the machine will dispense the cash so you can be on your way.

Bitcoin ATM

Have you been keeping up with digital currency Bitcoin? The first Bitcoin ATM in the U.S. was recently unveiled. This is the first of many that are set in major cities throughout the year.

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Bitcoin, as many question its legitimacy as an actual form of currency. There have also been numerous hackings, which have made people shy away from using it.

Yet the ATMs can help provide a sense of security to people interested in Bitcoin, since they can make a cash withdrawal whenever they wish. Now, if someone feels their digital wallet is at risk, they can retrieve their balance to ensure nothing is stolen.

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