“When making a cash deposit, please be ready to show a valid ID and deposit only into accounts that list your name,” states a letter received recently by a JPMorgan Chase bank customer.

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A new policy move by Chase — the largest bank in America by assets — will change the way many customers make cash deposits. Note that this change will not effect deposits of checks or money orders. In addition to having to show their valid IDs for deposits to personal and business accounts, the Chase customer will also have to be a signer on the account in which they hope to make a deposit.

“We are making this policy change for cash deposits only to combat misuse of accounts, including money laundering,” said Suzanne Ryan, a spokeswoman for Chase.

The new policy, which went into effect March 3, only impacts customers who want to make cash deposits into another person’s account. Customers wishing to make cash deposits into business banking accounts can still get by with providing just an ID.

Smart regulation or a pain in the neck?

Does the policy make sense? Will it really safeguard more accounts? For everyday Americans, the policy seems to be nothing more than a huge inconvenience. What should a mother do if she wants to deposit money into her child’s account while he or she studies abroad? What about a relative who wants to help out a family member located halfway across the country? What if I wanted to deposit money into my brother’s account for his birthday? Do these actions constitute as “misuse of accounts?” I think not.

Customers who are unhappy with the policy change can log a complaint with the bank or use alternative methods to deposit money into an account.

“Customers can deposit personal checks, cashier’s checks and money orders. They can use Chase QuickPay online. They can add an authorized user to their account,” said Ryan.

Each of the suggested alternatives is limiting and inconvenient in some way. Critics say personal checks are becoming obsolete and funds aren’t always immediately available upon deposit. Cashier’s checks are only available at banks or credit unions and some institutions might issue these types of checks just for customers. Money orders cost money and typically have a $1,000 limit. Chase’s QuickPay service allows customers to use a mobile app (or use the service online) to transfer money from their account into another one, but not everyone is technically proficient. And with data breaches routinely making the news, some customers might not want to rely on mobile banking to make important transactions.

How is it I can’t use my good, hard-earned cash to deposit in someone else’s legitimate account? Look, I’m all for stopping money laundering. But this new policy is disruptive for millions of families across the U.S. Not only is it disruptive — but it’s also silly.

Tip: Check out MyBankTracker’s article about 8 Ways to Sidestep the Chase No Cash Deposits Policy.

The problem with money laundering

Without getting too deep into the details, money laundering in its simplest form is the act of making money that comes from one source seem like it comes from another. Crooks attempt to disguise the illegal means through which the money was obtained, so that it appears to have been obtained from a legal source.

To combat this crime, Congress passed the Bank Secrecy Act in 1970, one of the first laws to fight money laundering in the U.S. One of the rules established by the act was requiring financial institutions to report cash transactions of more than $10,000 made through or to the bank. That threshold was established because anything less would be a waste of time to report. No one launders, say, $100. A criminal would have to make 100 trips to the bank to reach the $10,000 level.

And even if it did happen, banks are supposed to watch out for and report any suspicious patterns or activities. So a criminal trying to launder money should conceivably be caught due to their suspicious behaviors. At my own, non-Chase bank, I can’t make a purchase over $500 without getting an activity alert! Plus, if Chase is so worried about money laundering occurring at such a minuscule level, shouldn’t they do something about being able to make deposits at an ATM where an ID isn’t required?

Bank regulation like an empty gesture

You’ll have to excuse me if I sound a little dubious about Chase’s reasoning behind the policy change. Chase, of course, is under a microscope. It is one of several big banks that’s being targeted by U.S. regulators for lax money laundering controls. And the bank has agreed to pay $1.7 billion — the largest bank forfeiture in history — to victims of Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Madoff kept the bank account at the center of the fraud at Chase. The bank will be criminally charged with two violations of the Bank Secrecy Act.

Despite customer uproar, Ryan says Chase does not currently plan to change the policy. If you’re upset about Chase’s new deposit policy, check out our bank reviews to see how others feel about our nation’s banks or leave us a comment below.

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  • highinterest

    Something a lawyer must have designed. Covering their a**es seems to outweigh providing service to customers.
    Of course, since Jamie Dimon, God of Banking (TM), probably has lackeys to carry the meager amount of cash a God needs, He in His infinite wisdom probably assumes that no one else needs cash.

  • Rebecca Polius

    This is the most RIDICULOUS thing they could do.
    Do they realize this is stupid??
    They don’t.
    MY FATHER in ANOTHER CITY deposits cash to me all the time.
    *I* deposit cash into my MOTHER-IN-LAW’s account ALL THE TIME.
    But now we have to get a MONEY ORDER or something and their money orders are $5?! THIS IS BULL.
    I should have the right to deposit cash in anyone’s account that I WANT TO. NO MATTER WHO IT IS, NO MATTER IF IT’S MY ACCOUNT OR NOT!

    • ryan

      You can just write a check. It’s not that big a deal.

      • I don’t like checks, lol. The money takes too long to leave the account.

      • azmicitizen

        Who carry’s checks anymore! You go to the ATM draw out some cash and deposit it in someone else’s account. IDIOT!

      • Gary

        Ryan, it’s obvious you work for Chase. Stop pretending – the rule is stupid and serves Chase not the people who support them. I invite everyone to vote with your account. I closed mine!

        • Daryl

          Hey Gary,
          Thanks for the feedback. Which bank did you end up switching to?

        • Missy

          I just closed mine today. Nearly $500 on fees since the beginning of the year.chase has a meticulous way to post to charge fees . I’m glad I’m through

      • PutYourThinkingPantsOn

        I’m 30. I’ve never written a check. Checks need to go the way of the record, tape, and cd’s. There is no reason why we need to be transferring pieces of paper to each other. Not with the technology available today.

        A WAY WAY better suggestion for Rebecca would be for her to use Chase “Quickpay”. I use it all the time to pay my rent, to transfer money to my girlfriend when she needs to go grocery shopping, shoot I even paid the commissioner in my fantasy league with quick pay. It works.

        • BClark

          True, and I ended up doing this. But it isn’t immediately available. The message I got said it could take 1 – 2 business days. Cash is immediately available and sometimes it’s necessary. But I agree using quikcpay for most would be good but not when it’s an emergency

        • AnateurHustler

          “There is no reason why we need to be transferring pieces of paper to each other.”
          Uh huh. Looks like CASH needs to go the way of the record, tape, and compact disc, too.

      • Antonio Paladino

        Unless the person needs the funds ASAP….then what?

        • Linzeerae

          The first $200 of a check or money order is available right then. The rest is available the next business day
          You can deposit cash if you allow the teller to pull it from your debit card, chase charges no fee

          • gary

            Chase charged me a 3.00 fee for a debit card deposit into someone’s account since they wouldn’t take cash…..crazy!!

      • Max

        *lol* even the rockefellers or rothschilds would not endorse a policy this foolish..tell your boss that customers can and always will get what they want if they dont …they leave

        a bank without customers and account holders is a dead bank
        the customer is always right

        this is gonna make customers flee from chase and prob impact their stocks somewhere the late mr morgan would not be pleased if he were still alive today

        • John Q Governor

          No. The bank still has US taxpayers to bail it out. They are like GM, they can do whatever they want. You’ll either pay to use their products, or pay the bailout to keep them in business.

      • Missy

        It is a huge deal. Not many people use checks.checks are nearly obsolete. Give me a break who is laundering money with a 100 deposit. That bank is pathetic and i hope they suffer a major financial loss enough to be shut down. The bank
        only serves platinum or gold members while robbing the poor blind.

    • Linzeerae

      You can simply do a transfer at the branch from your chase acct and into theirs. Non chase checks, money orders or cashiers checks – the first $200 is available immediately and the rest at midnight. A teller or banker can help u with a dozen solutions.
      Chase employees tens of thousands if people. If they have to keep paying $2 billion lawsuits, those people won’t be able to get paid. These people are good at their jobs & are doing what they have to in order to protect the company and it’s employees and it’s customers. If you owned a business, you would put whatever best practices in place you needed to, to secure your future.

      • John Q Governor

        If they were that good at their jobs, they would have followed Federal law and reported Madoff’s fraudulent cash transactions in excess of $10,000.

    • ReelDeepCaca

      Stupid – my daughter in college just called and needs money in her acct. Chase won’t accept cash. Ok so I go online to set up QuickPay – the account needs to be verified in about 4 day – the system won’t take credit or debit cards – neither does the branch. The ulterior motive of this is to cut back on positions and eliminate tellers! Guess now we know how Dimond got his bonus

    • YST5700 .

      Did you even read the article? They just want ID for cash deposits – to help prevent shady activity. Why would any legit depositor fear showing ID? Just because money is added to an account doesn’t make it good.

      “When making a cash deposit, please be ready to show a valid ID and deposit only into accounts that list your name,” states a letter received recently by a JPMorgan Chase bank customer….

      • Yes I read the article — and the problem is NOT the showing ID for cash deposits, the problem is not being allowed to deposit money into accounts that list your name — people sometimes have to give me money and live in different cities.
        They have my account number and previously could just deposit the money.
        The bank didn’t give them any of my information, didn’t give them my balance or anything.
        It’s no one’s business WHY people are depositing money into an account they are not connected to. It’s not illegal to give other people money!

      • Excuse me — did YOU read the article?
        Did you read my response?
        Did you read what you QUOTED?
        Showing a valid ID isn’t the PROBLEM you disagreeable little — whoo-saah — look.
        Read what you quoted.
        “Deposit ONLY into accounts that LIST YOUR NAME.”
        My DAD is not on my account and I’m not putting him on my account just so he can deposit money for me on occasion.
        I put money in my mother-in-law’s account ALL THE TIME. This gums THAT situation up, too, but in a different way, because she has an account with Chase so I just do a deposit and a funds transfer.
        “Just because money is added to an account doesn’t make it good” — EFF this bank it doesn’t matter WHY money’s being added to someone’s account — the feds say when the money is above X amount ($10,000 or 100,000 — I don’t recall) the bank is required to alert them. THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH.
        Anything under $500 shouldn’t be of interest to them, in my opinion.
        They’re just hassling little people.
        Don’t come disagreeing on my comments when you OBVIOUSLY suffer from issues with reading comprehension.

    • jamesvii

      I don’t support this move but the thing is, you don’t have “the right”. Chase decides their policies, not you. You do have the right to switch banks. Chase is obviously trying to control their losses/money laundering. I’m sure your father has checks he can write and also you can get money orders at grocery stores and convenient stores for less than a dollar.

      • Simon Zhen

        Very true. We as consumers often push aside that we do have the power to move our business elsewhere. As a Chase customer, I like it for what it offers. Others who feel otherwise should find a better bank that suits them and how they want to manage their money.

  • stayoutofmybusiness

    Definitely total bs will be changing banks immediately

    • ryan

      If you bank with Chase, you can do a simple account transfer with a teller. Exactly the same as depositing cash, but doesn’t require you to have the cash in hand.

      • Elissa Kinsey

        OH YEAH! Simple account transfer…. Where you buy a money order or pay for the “simple account transfer” ether way chase wants extra money for nothing! Why dont you just come out and say it, “We are a multi billion doller corperation, but it is no where near enough, so we have to pray on the hard working, non-multibillionaires so they6 can pay for our company jets, exotic, vacays, and spa treatments! At least it would be honest!

        • bug menot

          To be fair, if you’re both on Chase.com, then you can use QuickPay for free. Otherwise, they’re just being silly. The real reason for this is bad management. ’nuff said

        • Linzeerae

          You do not have to buy a money order or anything else. You can simply transfer funds from your checking directly into someone else’s with the help of a teller or banker

          • assholes

            This simply transfer funds option that everyone is referring to only works if you have an account with chase. What about if a relative is in account state who is not a customer at chase and is not on your account but needs to deposit money in your account? THEN WHAT?

            • Linzeerae

              If a relative lives in a state where there are no chase banks, how are they trying to deposit cash at a branch? In this situation, Chase is one of the few banks that you have the ability, through their technology, to allow them to get funds into your acct – with quickpay, quick deposit , external acct transfers, etc

          • Elissa Kinsey

            So your “advise” did NOTHING to remedy the situation…
            Do you read the posts before you respond to them?

        • Linzeerae

          Chase paid nearly a 2 billion dollar lawsuit last year because the federal government decided they should have known Bernie Madoff was scamming people… So they’re doing what they need to do in order to tighten up their controls. It’s not ‘bad management’ as one person said. There are tons of ways around the policy to put funds in the account that are simply traceable. . A teller can pull cash straight off your debit card (at no cost) and deposit that cash into the person’s account – since it stays in the same ‘session’ and its known where the funds came from…. It’s about cash controls, simple as that. Government agencies have basically said “this is what you should do” – but just hasn’t mandated it yet… It’s not about chase trying to MAKE anymore money. It’s about initiative, being smart & staying in business. There’s no way for chase to MAKE money off of this. Give it time and other financial institutions will be following suit

      • Jason Meyers

        Come on now Ryan with that nonsense. I guarantee you Chase will lose customers. I for one am debating on Wells Fargo for now vs US Bank but I will leave shortly. When you allow criminals to dictate your bank service your going down the wrong road.

        • Genanigans

          I put money in someone elses chase account from time to time. I initially questioned chase not allowing cash, But they do let you do a cash advance from your OWN card for no fee (as a form of creating a reliable paper trail). The first bank to do something unpopular will always risk alienating customers. But because the reason the are doing it is to appease the government, other banks that DONT do it will seam to be negligent and almost feel forced to follow suit. And unless chase loses all of their customers (they wont) the other banks will feel safe to do it using chase as the guinea pig.

          And about ATM cash deposits. PIN based transactions are ALWAYS considered done by the customer in the banks eyes. Exceptions are made in extreme cases but its rare.

      • John Q Governor

        It’s not the teller’s concern, who I give my cash to. (a.k.a. none of their dam business)

  • Jim

    I get that it’s inconvenient, but its really simple. You can’t change this rule so stop complaining. Get a checkbook and write a check. Complaining about a 5 dollar money order, get a freaking check, cost 2$ or a check book (you get like 100 or more for like 20 bucks) from any bank you have an account from. If you don’t have a bank account anywhere, then your out of luck which sucks. If you have a chase account, just transfer money either online or through a transfer slip. Adjust, adapt, and move on. It’s not like you can change it.

    • Elissa Kinsey

      Obviously this guy works for chase… don’t defend a retarded policy when you know it is retarded. yeah we are all going to adapt! with a new bank that is not ludacris. and yeah we can change chase’s policy when we all leave for bank of america, and chase has no choice cause they don’t have any more customers, wich will happen because they are doing this and the other banks are not. HMMM 1)keep my account and spend money for no reason (money orders made for people who do not have bank accounts now being a requirement for people with bank accounts?????) every time anyone wants to make a deposit, or 2) go to a normal bank that does not nickel and dime us with stupid policies every chance they get… this really is a no brainer. Keep your work at work and keep your personal time for you, they don’t pay you that much!

      • ryan

        You can’t get a money order without having an account anyway, so your “nickel and dime” excuse doesn’t make sense. You can do a simple account transfer with a teller instead of getting a money order. It’s instantaneous and exactly the same as depositing cash.

        • Kimberly

          Checks are held for long periods of time by certain banks. People don’t have the means to wait for that. Plus the prices for checks are going up since they aren’t a main way of banking anymore. Money orders only go up to $1000 for $5 and you can’t get one if you don’t bank anywhere. Pretty inconvenient to have to change the way you prefer to do your banking, especially when all banks do is promote how simple it is. And the fact that Chase is so concerned about fraud on accounts but they promote something like QuickPay is quite interesting to me. Seems QuickPay would cause more problems than my family member or friend depositing cash into my account per a trained teller who is supposed to be able to detect shadey transactions.

        • azmicitizen

          NOt when your account is not at the same bank, DUMBA**.There is a charge for transferring money from one bank to another. Obviously, you are not a thinker! Maybe you are the one that thought up this dumb rule and are now trying to figure out how to justify your dumbness.

        • Elissa Kinsey

          You cant get a money order without having an account anyway?! huh? wich post did you think you were responding to? obviously not mine cause your response made no sense, let me break it down to you reeeeaaaallllyy ssslllllooowwwww so you dont miss anything.
          You can get a money order anywhere,
          gas station, grocery store… the list goes on and on.
          You dont need a bank account of any kind to get a money order.
          Money orders cost money,
          a couple of dollers at most places but 5.00 from chase.
          so everytime you want to make a deposit to an account that does not have your name on it, you have to pay extra,
          Oh and I went back through the posts! You do work for chase!!!! 100000000% you are getting in to it with everyone trying to justify the retardation of the new policies, dedicating your pitifull life to it witch would make it sooooo sad if you dont actually work for them, YOU NEED A HOBBY OR A PORPOSE IN LIFE!
          Not only are you making yourself look retarded for defending this ludacris business mistake being made by chase, you dont even know what your talking about. like I stated get a hobby, chase does not pay you enough for this, your just making your self look really stupid RYAN THE RETARD of RETARDINGTON. So if the hospitols start requiring that we give a 1500.00 deposit before they even think about fixing us, are you going to jump on the blog and defend them too? ‘AWW, its ok guys… its really not that bad…. all you got to do is got to the bank before your family member dies pre surgary, I dont know what all of you are complaining about…’
          YEAH that will be you!
          Its wrong, its stupid, you know it, stop defending it! I dont want to have to make you look any stupider then I just did now!

      • bug menot

        Well, unless they do like Romania and go all “mandatory uselessness law” on our banks. Mentioning, I’d not go to BoA even for a $100 bonus on first deposit. 😉

    • bug menot

      Or derpy derp… change banks. Real geniuses running Chase now. Hey, what do you know, there’s credit unions that don’t pull all this nonsense and actually have more than 1-2% of their value in a form easy to liquidate.

    • bug menot

      Might as well site back and enjoy it, eh? Are you sure that your name isn’t Clayton Williams? Or are you a close relative?

  • Perry Green

    Trying to Force everyone to use QUICKPAY or else they wont receive their funds. Thats kind of like taxing our currency if we let it happen. I will definitely Close my Chase Bank Accounts. There are way too many other Banks begging for our business.

    • ryan

      You don’t need to use quickpay. Just do an account transfer with the teller that you would be handing your cash to. Exactly the same.

      • casey

        What if you dont have a bank account. Im sorry everyones supposed to bank with chase. Get out of here obvious you work for them.

        • Thinking of those in captivity

          You can still use quickpay with a non-chase account. It will just take a day or so longer to transfer the funds as Chase will have to communicate with your bank to get the money (in the case of Bank of America – this may take two or three days as BOA doesn’t respond well to Chase communications)

      • BClark

        doesn’t work like that if you’re not a chase customer

    • PutYourThinkingPantsOn

      That’s kinda like taxing our currency, except for the fact that you know, it doesn’t cost anything to send a quickpay payment.

      Have you ever tried paying anything with quickpay? Just wondering. It’s kinda awesome. Just saying.

  • Elissa Kinsey

    This is incredibly stupid on so many levals, make people get money orders if they want to deposit $10,000, or more. or let customers have a list of people on thier account that are allowed to deposit money once they show an i.d.. My husbond cant make a deposit in to my account unless he is on my account? Maby i dont want mr big spender on my account. maby that is how I keep an account. but is there any reason a husbond cant give his wife some money or parents cant give thier kid some money? maby the kid dosnt want his parants to be able to take money out, (there are parents like that) so what chase is saying is that my family has to spend money for no reason (money order) to make a deposit or i have to give them all access to be able to recieve money from them, they are ether working a deal to help make western union more money or they are thinking they have too many customers and need to annoy some of them out of the branch. MESSAGE RECIEVED CHASE, I am going on a bank tour tomarrow and will be out of your hair by the end of the week.

    • Daryl

      Hi Elissa,
      Thanks for commenting. I’m wondering whether you ended up changing your bank due to this policy?

      • Elissa Kinsey

        Sure did! credit union is not charging $12 per month just for the fact my account exists, and they are not trying to suck me dry every time I turn around. Oh and that crap about chase.com allowing the transfer for free, DOES NOT HELP IF the person making the deposit DOES NOT HAVE a chase account, which was the ENTIRE REASON for my tyrade IN THE FIRST PLACE! GENISUS!
        oH and Your guys money orders cost $5. $5 extra per deposit but your not nickel and dime-ing everyone to death, KEEP TELLING YOURSELF THAT!

        • Thinking of those in captivity

          Chase quickpay can be used by non-chase customers. If you don’t want someone on your account, but still want them to be able to deposit money into your account, you can add them as a POD beneficiary which would allow them to deposit, but not withdraw money.

  • Asanchez

    This is absolutely ridiculous!!!! My sister, who lives out of state went to make a deposit into my checking account. I told her to deposit cash so it will post right away. I wish I would’ve known this new policy however I only look at the transactions made not anything else. I’ve been inside the branch several times in March and it was never
    mentioned. This is such a huge inconvenience!! I’m changing banks this weekend.

    • Daryl

      Hey Asanchez,
      Did you end up switching banks? If so, which one did you switch to?

  • Guest

    Such a crock of crap. I have a handicapped mom, who depends my sis and I to do her banking for her. I can understand withdrawing cash from someone else’s account, but this whole money laundering excuse? Nonsense!

    • Thinking of those in captivity

      Your mom can add you as a Power of Attorney to her account which would allow you to deposit to her account.

      • Pius Twelvetrees

        A power of attorney would also allow him to withdraw money from the Chase acct. without his mother’s consent! We’re talking about deposits! This new Chase policy is ridiculous! It’s unnecessary, irrational and extreme. Because of a few bad apples, Chase is punishing millions of their good customers.

  • Jay Stewart

    I agree this is a crazy rule for everyday parents like my dad who would deposit money in my account for emergencies

  • Kdoggies

    A bank is an institution where you can keep your funds and make investments. Money Orders, checks, and especially cash are legal instruments of payment. There are federal laws in place already that banks must follow in order to do business. Banks are NOT a law enforcement agency. Is this just another step to force us into a total cashless society?

    • bug menot

      If some dumb bureaucrat tries to make the world into a cashless society, it likely will become a mostly BARTER (as in no taxes) society. Well at least there’ll be no tax evasion.

  • TerryGauchat

    Move your money to a member benefit Credit Union. Everyone qualifies, low fees, higher interest, friendly local staff and policies. Stop supporting the big Banks that ruined the economy.

    • ryan

      Why? So I can drive an hour out of my way to find a branch? No, I think I would rather be rational, logical and adapt to change.

      • TerryGauchat

        How often do you actually need to go into a physical branch? Most Credit Unions offer free (fully rebated) cash withdrawal from any ATM (including those expensive ones in corner stores, clubs, restaurants). They also accept deposits online and by mail. I got to my branch (choice of 3 in San Francisco) no more than 3 times a year.

      • bug menot

        LOL, most credit unions are at the least, regional by now. We’re talking branch offices just like banks, if you’re in a big city. Everyone is being very rational and adapting by looking at other less annoying financial institutions. Heck, in a pinch, there’s Blue-Dot cards. Don’t even try and tell me there’s not a Wal-Mart in every major city. Of course, I’d not use those cards because of equally annoying policies with them, but some would prefer those over Chase/JP or BoA.

  • Mir L

    this is the most ridiculous thing ever. Just found out Chase closed my sibling’s account for unusual deposit activities. deposits I including the rest of my family put in his account since he is a college student. I guess Chase feels that he is a participate in the whole big laundering scheme. Him and his $400 dollars. This is just crazy!! Now how am I suppose to deposit money.

    • bug menot

      1) Get a prepaid card.
      2) Lie

  • rick holland

    I went to.the bank to deposit $50.00 dollars in to my mothers account because she is on a fixed income and she was grocery shopping and and didnt have enough money in her account to buy her grocery so she had to leave them at the store . I said to the teller my mother need this money and becuse i live in another state which is 500 miles away and was told this is the banks new policy. Ps………CHASE BANK $50.00 DOLLARS ISN’T MONEY LAUNDERING. It was so my mother would go HUNGARY THANK YOU FOR CARING

    • Elissa Kinsey

      I an almost shocked that Jim the Jumbo jack a$$ and Ryan the retard have not come up with a snappy defense of chases cold hearted actions here. Come on guys DO IT! I cant wait to see your pathetic defense for this!

    • Linzeerae

      The first $200 of any non-chase check or month order of cashiers check would be available to her immediately

  • ThisOneGirlWithPie

    I think this is ridiculous, I rent a house from a family member who banks with Chase, and I don’t want to drive more than five hours just to drop off money because Chase won’t allow me to deposit into her account. I understand their woes about money laundering but there has to be some other way, other than money orders, and checks. I mean who wants to spend MORE money just to help out a family member, or in my case pay rent. I don’t bank with Chase, and thank the gods I don’t, I have been screwed over so many times from them, and once more with this.

    Let me just say this before anyone thinks to say “just write a check lol” checks are pretty much dead, I rarely meet anyone who stills writes checks, let alone anyone who accepts them. Checks can bounce, but cash cannot bounce. Cash is guaranteed cash. With a check on the other hand it isn’t.

    I don’t know, I know that there isn’t going to be some Chase Executive reading this going; “wow this anonymous person, as with the other people, are really annoyed and I am moved by their complaints, let’s get rid of this foolish policy and be friends!” I don’t really care about that or what other readers think. I really just don’t. I am probably just going to post this and never think to look at it again. I am just getting this out there, and putting my two cents into the mix.

    But in my opinion, I think that maybe, just maybe, it’s not just about this whole money laundering thing, I think it’s also to push people into getting an account with them. Because the last few times I tried to deposit money into the family member’s account to pay rent, the first thing out of the teller’s mouth after they asked if I had an account with them “well why don’t you” or “well it won’t take long, and then you won’t have to worry about not being able to deposit into this account we can just transfer it” and so on. I really think it’s just trying to pull other banks apart, and their bankers apart, and basically saying “If you want to be that kind and caring family member or friend and put money into an account, well then you have to come bank with us.”

    But maybe, a solution to a problem, a solution that I am going to try to go with next month when rent is due, get Google Wallet or even Paypal and just try it from there, transfer from your bank to your account, and then to their account and they can do whatever they want to do it from there. Of course there is going to be a small fee, but it’s better than paying $5+ on a money order, or even more on a check that I think will be extinct here soon.

    Anyways, that is my scrambled up ramblings!

    • Daryl

      You’re definitely not alone. There are tons of Chase customers who feel the same as you do. Did you end up signing up for Google Wallet or PayPal?

  • BankStar

    The thing about the debit card is the owner of the account would have the debit card, silly. You wouldn’t give you debit card to someone else, especially in your examples of “across the country”….? They have also limited the amount of debit cards to 1 per account so that proper controls are put in place and that cannot happen. Then the owner wouldn’t have the card.

    • Mychael

      Tell that to my three debit cards linked to the same checking. They will fight it, but it is their policy to “discourage” having more than one card; not to disallow it–unless that’s changed in the past year. Telephone bankers are your worst enemy at Chase. On the rare occasion that you do get one that knows what (s)he’s talking about, you could’ve driven to the branch, had a nice face-to-face interaction, and achieved the same goal in similar time.

      If they really have changed their policy, maybe try to get a Disney card, but explain that you’d like to keep your old one open for recurring payments. That should work. 🙂

  • azmicitizen

    I went to CHASE on Wednesday afternoon to make a $50.00 cash deposit into my granddaughter’s account. They put me through the third degree. I bank at that branch quite regularly. They try to sell me on the QuickPay crap. Like I;m going to send money over an unsecured WiFi. When they get you hooked enough on using the QuickPay app etc. then they will find a way to charge you for the service.
    I guess it is time to research another bank to service my account. One that doesn’t make my life more inconvenient than it already is. Closing both my accounts, SO LONG CHASE your too big for me to bank with. If enough of us close our accounts and move to another bank, we will be big enough to make a difference too!.

    • Daryl

      Wow. Sorry to hear that. Did you end up switching banks?

  • azmicitizen

    I have to add one more thing! Ever since all the hacking into the credit/debit card databases has been going on, I rather use cash. Twice last year I had my debit/credit cards changed because of the Target, Sprout’;s fiascos. Having said that, if you don’t want to take my cash, I’ll take my business elsehere and have my granddaughter do the same.

  • Heather White

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. My mom tried to deposit money in to my account for me this morning (I am a student), and they denied her. The bank said she can go get a money order; really? You’re going to make people PAY to deposit money in to your bank? Might be time to switch banks.

    • Daryl

      Hey Heather,
      I absolutely agree. What did your mother end up doing? Did you end up switching banks?

  • Mychael

    Just in case Chase ever decides to read this, it would be a good move (i.e. making everyone happy) to add a “Deposit only signature” option to the signature cards.

    Why can’t we have a win-win?

  • Peaches

    “shouldn’t they do something about being able to make deposits at an ATM where an ID isn’t required?” – You do have to provide ID at the ATM. You have to swipe your card and put your pin number in. That’s your ID. And that’s exactly what you have to do inside the branch as well. Duh.

    • bug menot

      Cards are trivially clonable…

  • Jack Ster

    They will immediately cease this new rule if everyone pulls their money out at the same time. May 15th would be a good day.

    • bug menot

      Already on it – moving my direct deposit to another account at TCF or a local credit union. When I’m sure it’ll show up on the other account, this one is going bye-bye. I will likely get my relatives to change, too. This policy is very inconvenient and knowing companies with bad management, this’ll be just the first of many.

      • Daryl

        Thanks for commenting. Did you end up switching banks?

  • akelly

    This is awful!!! This was the only way I ever received child support….. now this is just one more excuse.


    Someone must have just been appointed to the “Let’s Do Something Stupid to Our Customers Department”. I have a brother-in-law who owes me money who deposits to my Chase account to pay me back. Today he’s told he can’t deposit CASH since he’s not a Chase account holder. But, he’s told, he can deposit checks. This crap about money laundering is just that. There are systems to prevent laundering and they kick in at $10K, not the $100 he sends me. Dumb, dumb, dumb. We bail the bank jack asses out and they screw us in every monetary and non-monetary way possible.

  • DMoney

    In defiant frustration, I just put $1000 on the counter with the deposit slip and walked away after hearing this new policy. I hope the money finds the account…

    • DMoney

      And 3 hours later…it appeared in the account.

    • John Piermatti

      Im not sure I understand, is the rule that you Cannot without exception deposit cash into someones account, or that if you’d like to make a cash deposit, you have to show ID? If you are allowed to make a cash deposit as long as you show your ID, then just give your ID..? Why would anyone care about giving their drivers license while depositing 200 bucks into their sister’s bank account?

      • Simon Zhen

        The rule is that your name must be on the account and that you must present your ID when making the cash deposit.

  • mel

    This is so inconvenient! I live at the other end of a state from my family. Times I have needed help and my grandmother walks into Chase and deposits cash for me. Today is how I found out when I needed my fiance to deposit cash into my account because I’m at work and they didn’t let it happen!!!! I may switch to a bank that does not do this.

    • Daryl

      I agree Mel, it’s really inconvenient and a lot of other consumers feel the same way.

  • casey

    Ok tried to add cash to my boyfriends account. I am out of checks and I dont have a chase account but im putting forty ridiculous dollars into an account that rarely gets cash. This is stupid. I hope he switches banks now.

  • chase SUCKS

    BS I HATE CHASE and this BS policy. I am leaving CHASE bank

  • Jason Meyers

    This is a bunch of bullshit. I left B of A because I thought their service was slacking but this is nonsense. Why should criminals make our banking less convenient Chase? My sister needed money and I had to go get a money order to deposit! What is the point of having a bank account?

  • Ash

    So yesterday before knowing about this stupid change, I went to deposit 40.00$ into my sisters account. I live in cleveland and she lives in Dallas. I filled out deposit slip and handed teller the money. She asked fort ID and I told her it wasn’t my account as when she told me the dumb new rule that you cannot deposit cash into someone else’s account. She did tell me I can put a check into her account just put it in my sisters name. I ran home, got the check, brought it up to teller. I asked her if she needed to see my ID to verify it was my check. “No” she said. So you need an ID for a cash deposit but I could’ve stolen some random check and you wouldn’t of known because you don’t need to check an id when I’m writing a check From my acct to put in my sister. This whole thing is totally half backwards. What if a child was overseas and needed a parent to deposit cash in their account. So many circumstances that this totally screws up. This company really needs to rethink this or people will be pulling out.

  • Roxine Ware

    They are trying to recoup that 1.7 billion fine they have to pay! Beware they are going to charge for everything now. That damn Bernie Madoff…

  • Kyle

    Yeah they told me they would gladly accept a BAD Check, but no cash…How stupid can you be!!! Cash can not bounce, a check can…So I ask why would you put your customers account in jeopardy, however not allow them to reap the benefits of cash instantly hard posting to an account.

    Chase and anyone in support of this stupid rule should get a clue!!!

    • Daryl

      Hey Kyle, wow. What did you say when you were told they would accept a bad check, but not cash?

  • Hilda Vasquez

    Very sad… =(

  • BClark

    THE stupidest thing I have ever heard of – I found out about this today
    when I tried to deposit $250 into my daughter’s account. When I asked
    what could possibly be the reason a bank doesn’t accept cash, the teller
    told me “because we’re trying to prevent human trafficking” WHAT!?!?
    How the hell does this prevent human trafficking? Even the tellers
    don’t know why they don’t take cash. Oh yeah, you can just write a
    check – who carries a checkbook around and depositing a check is not
    immediate access to the money. Banks that don’t accept cash – crazy

  • Lisa

    Terrorism, right. Has it occured to anyone that the banks just want to have the “float” on any checks deposited?

  • brbr2424

    How idiotic is this. As described above, I am a mother, and my daughter is in Spain and she needed money in her account and she needed it today. Today, I went to the ATM outside of the Chase bank and pulled $400 out of my USAA account. i went into the bank intending on depositing the cash in my daughter’s Chase account. They refused the deposit and I had no way to get the $400 back into my USAA account. I walked over to the USPS and bought a $400 money order for $1.25 and returned to Chase and made the deposit.

  • jojo

    if you don’t want to do quickpay (which I don’t understand people hating… i use it all the time to pay back friends, send money to relatives, etc. and the money always shows up immediately in my account, never have I waited more than 30 minutes) why not set up paypal?

    • bug menot

      Probably for the same reason I haven’t bothered selling anything on ‘feeBay’ for several years. The fees are a killer!

  • Bri

    Its funny that he used the example of a mother trying to put money in her child’s bank account whom is studying overseas. Last weekend my mother tried to put some money in my account for an emergency I was having overseas. I am still waiting for the check to clear…

  • hatinchasebk

    Obviously this is all about the float. By law cash has no float time. So no they hate cash deposits….

  • Angelo Marconi

    Dump Chase and bank somewhere else……if everyone would dump them you will see how fast they change this stupid policy

  • VinnieVin

    It’s a slimy way to get you to open an account with them

    • VinnieVin

      however they are just pissing off their current customers

      • VinnieVin

        who are inconvenienced along with the person depositing the money

  • gspowers51

    As treasurer for our little church school, I can make deposits of checks and money orders from various parents in the church school account with no problem. But if I deposit $5 cash, then I have to show my driver’s license and have the number typed in. So drug lords can just get money orders–no problem. This is really all about discouraging cash deposits to reduce cash processing costs and have better control over cash reserves. It is intrusive and I personally bank at a credit union that is happy to take cash deposits. Funny, some tellers don’t require the i.d. If they know me.

  • Chase is stupid

    Chase is stupid. I’m closing my accounts there.

  • FearHas TakenOurFreedom

    Ryan and others people like you will accept anything someone with more money than you says, regardless of how inconvient it is. If the federal goverment believes $10,000.00 is an adequate limit, why does Chase think they know better. I think it is a ploy to make people use Quick pay and other technologies, because comercials and voluntary compliance is not working. I do not use ATM’s because when they were first introduced they were all FREE wherever you used your card; not anymore. Next they will charge you for Quick pay once the smaller banks follow suit. You have to pay attention to history to understand the subtle motives behind these idiotic new rules. Thanks Gary great information.

  • mitch

    We all need to close our accounts and let them file chapter 13 or what ever they claim every time i take money out of my account i give a hard time saying i need to make it down where this money came from and who in case it is not real or has been used in a drug deal i can tell the police who and where i got it from for my protection


    Ever so often financial institutions lose their focus and it is often times the directive of one donkey in leadership. This is the stupidest decision I have ever see in business, how can a bank refuse cash deposits, the crux of their business. Beware of the lame excuses provided, this move is to boost their other products like Chase Quick Pay and Liquid. This is bullying at the highest level. We should CHASE them out our banking services.

  • EMma ROberson


  • Purebeef

    My brother, who is a chase liquid customer, is an over-the-road truck driver and I handle his bookkeeping. He is not able to open a REAL account with chase due to credit issues and, furthermore is not able to open a business account for similar reasons.
    Whenever he needs cash on the road I have to go to the bank where he currently has a business checking, (because I am a POA for him) I make a withdrawal. Now, to avoid paying an arm and a leg ($5) for a money order from that facility, I have to go to a Wal-Mart to get one for $.70 cents.
    Finally, I have to go to my local chase bank branch to deposit the Money order into his account. Now get this: the money order cannot be over $200, or there will be a hold on it for up to 5 business days. What if there’s a real emergency?!?
    You’re probably wondering why I cannot deposit funds seeing that I am his POA. Great question!!! The language in Chase’s “Liquid” account policy states that the account is only meant to be used by one person and one person only, and it even goes to the extent that it specifically states that the customer’s POA cannot even access the account (even though the language in the POA agreement expressly declares that I can perform all banking on my brother’s behalf).
    Sadly I get a little frustrated when my brother lets me know he needs funds because, what should take 10 minutes tops, takes an average of 30-45 Minutes depending on the day and traffic. When you do this process two to three times a week, it gets old real fast. Thank you Chase! X(

  • Thinking of those in captivity

    “Plus, if Chase is so worried about money laundering occurring at such a
    miniscule level, shouldn’t they do something about being able to make
    deposits at an ATM where an ID isn’t required?”

    Because if you deposit money at an ATM, is is assumed that you are using your own debit card with the pin. If someone other than a signer on the account has the pin, this constitutes fraud and your card could be closed.

    “No one launders, say, $100. A criminal would have to make 100 trips to the bank to reach the $10,000 level.”

    People can, and do, launder $100. If Chase changed their policy to “we only monitor accounts for money laundering if the deposit is over $1000,” then they are inviting people to take advantage of the loophole through structuring their account deposits. Not only that, but if they only targeted the people they suspected of laundering money, it would most likely tip those criminals off to the fact that they are being watched for illegal activities.

    The cash deposit policy is a pain in the butt, yes. For casual bank users and tellers alike (As a bank teller, I have received death threats for not being able to accept deposits – because it’s my job and if I do I may be fired). But please, understand that J.P.Morgan is not conspiring against you personally. There are reasons behind the new cash deposit policy. Some of them include helping break down human trafficking rings (in this year alone, more than 20 human trafficking cases were opened because of Chase’s anti-money-laundering policy). It’s not always about just making life difficult for the honest, hardworking people out there.

  • Pierre

    I just went to our local Chase branch and gave the manager (the teller was really busy) a deposit of a $16,000 customer check and $35 cash. She said she had to have my photo ID to ‘put it in the system’. I declined and told her I was giving her my cash and wanted to see her employee ID card. I mentioned I had just made a cash deposit at Wells Fargo, when I went in the teller, who had only met me once, greeted me by name and did not ask for ID to make a cash deposit. She said if the teller knew me they might not ask for ID but she didn’t recognize me. I deposited the check and kept the cash.

    Yesterday I closed another Chase business account for one of our two businesses due to excess fees and arrogant ‘customer service’ people with Chase Paymentech credit card processing . The Chase account I tried to deposit money into today has over $200,000 in the checking account, and our line of credit is paid off. I’m shopping for a new bank. I really miss HSBC and our branch manager who used to stop over to our office to say hello and have a cup of coffee. Back then we didn’t ave as much cash in the bank, and had a business term loan, and we still got treated with friendly respect.

  • dav

    Chase, this is completely unnecessary. What a load of shit and inconvenient way of making a simple thing as depositing cash into ones account. What the fuck does it matter to you where the money Came from. As long as it’s REAL, which you would know automatically. This makes me just want stop with these stupid ass banks all together. Always just wanting to make it complicated with these online, shit, or security, purposes. They have enough security. Get the fuck out of here with that shit.

  • k. newelt

    i just went to the bank to deposit cash into my account.
    I was hit with “if you don’t show a valid ID i won’t be able to accept your cash deposit” ?????? besides that fact of how ridiculous this is, it is so stupid and moronic, particularly because of the amount I was depositing. Would it had been 10k or 20k i would agree with their policy, but couple hundred dollars ?????? into my account, honestly.
    Are we that stupid as a society?! to allowed this inept policy makers, who obviously are disconnected from the “non criminal” american to dictate that way we go on banking.
    I supposed this a very tangible example of why everyone in the world, is leaving us biting the dust !!!
    For the record Drug Cartels do not make couple hundred dollars cash deposits EVER to any bank. Just a fact.
    I am getting out of banking with ” The largest bank institution in America”

  • Chased out

    Just tried to deposit cash in my sons account.. Denied! He’s closing his account and opening a new one at my bank.. I stopped doing business years ago with Chase.. Stupid rules and fees.. They never changed..

  • Jeff Daniels

    Hello to all of you people who did not realize that the advent of Homeland Security was no different than things that were done in Nazi Germany. You who sat back waving your flag and allowing Bush to do this deserve it.

  • Cynthia Daugherty Andrews

    One word answer to this stupidity!! BITCOIN

  • Anthani Lauryne

    NOT ONLY IS IT STUPID AND RIDICULOUS — IT IS INCONVENIENT and only punishes law abiding citizens. I was subject to this idiotic law today for the first time, and I can tell you … I am leaving Chase. They are not the only game in town and if enough people exercise their freedom of choice and move their accounts, maybe Chase will take another look at just how much “inconvenience” they want to heap on their customers. Choice — Wells Fargo, Bank of America — you do not HAVE to take this.

  • Joe

    Got into a shouting match with the manager. I’m not interested in B.S. excuses on why I need to show ID. Will be closing my account with chase. They don’t deserve my business – personal and business!

  • F

    My recommendation is: Don’t bank at Chase

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  • Shana

    Stupid… I deposited $50 into a friends account and was told I couldn’t make a cash deposit. I have several chase credit cards, so after showing my ID and Chase verifying that I have credit cards,they deposited a cashier for me into my friends account. Chase waived the cashiers check fee. Well….one more reason why I closed my other chase accounts.

    • Simon Zhen

      That’s seems a lot of work to deposit just $50 into the account. How long was that experience? Did you have a Chase checking account too? If so, you could have used Chase QuickPay for a smoother transaction.

      • Shana

        It took to long. I no longer have a chase bank account. I still have a chase credit card, which I didn’t have on me. I had to walk out to my card, get my ID so that they could verify that I have a chase credit card, They they issued me a cashiers check, and waived the fee for the cashiers check since a had a chase credit card. Then I deposited the cashiers check into the persons account.

        • Simon Zhen

          Despite the hassle, it’s still nice to see that you were able to complete the transaction. It’s unfortunate that customers have to go through this.

  • RTG.

    When Chase receives a money order or check to be deposit into an account. And Chase bank summits the money order or check for cash payment. Are they going to get a money order or check in return? There policy is ridiculous. We need to remember that the banks are the biggest criminals involved here. And not your ordinary person. I couldn’t even deposit my wife’s own cash into her own account.

  • Jeremiah Poker

    So Chase is perfectly OK with criminals/scam artists depositing fake checks, or bogus money orders all day, but they are not allowing those same scumbags to deposit cash. LMAO. I can’t wait till crypto currencies take over at least 90% of all of our transactions and put these banks, and the feds, out of business.

    Hey Chase, my Grandmother called, she sais that she does not even use checks anymore, and thought they were obsolete. So who exactly is your target demographic for account holders? People 95 years old, or over? BTW, myself and 3 friends closed our accounts already over this ridiculous new policy. I guess we can no longer “launder” our poker debts/loans to each other anymore with Chase, bummer.

    Its sad that our(U.S.) banks are essentially now run/owned by the feds. The U.S. govt should just get it over with, and tell all citizens there will only be one bank that all fiat transactions can be processed through. This way, they can spy on everyone a lot more efficiently, and take all the blame for when sh*t hits the fan, instead of making the banks out to be the criminals. Oh wait, but than they would be losing a paycheck from all the fines they collect when banks break the “laws”. Silly me, never mind, keep extorting banks and any MSB’s out of cash so that they can keep hiking up their fees and offering even lower interest rates on accounts. This way, its guaranteed that everyone starts to abandon all traditional banks, and converts all of their assets into crypto currencies. You know, where there are zero fees, or pennies, for any transaction, and NO spying.

  • Christina Reed

    Just went to bank of America to deposit cash in my son’s account. I live in NJ. He lives in NC. Was told to show my drivers license. This is so god damn stupid! The banks are the ones who are corrupted, NOT me.

  • doneag1

    I think chase is full of shit. I always hated this bank. Scumbag idiots work there. My mother is out of town at the moment and her cc pmt is due in the amt of $40. THEY CANT TAKE $40 IN CASH??? ASSHOLES.



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  • DeanaH


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  • Joe Dert

    I just had a good friend 2000+ miles across the country verify and purchase a Craigslist deal for of an Oculus Rift VR headset well below retail. I wanted a good deal but wanted to minimize my risk with an unknown person. I just needed to deposit some cash into his account so he didn’t have any of his funds tied up waiting for slower methods to repay him. I stopped at my ATM on my lunch and then popped into a Chase after he sent me his account # only to be told by the teller that this f-ing bank doesn’t take my little dinky cash deposit or any cash unless I have an account with Chase. Total bullshit! They must really want to keep obsolete paper check sales alive. I should have just opened an account and then made the transaction for free and closed the account on spiteful principle. I ended up forced to use my bank card which treated the transaction as a non my banks cash advance which cost me 10 dollars after the fact. Had I known better, a grocery store cheap money order would have been purchased. Inconvenient and stupid policy.

  • Walter Logan

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