Last year we wrote about ten instances of outrageous and unexpected tax deductions that were written off successfully (hint: they include a nose job, cat food, and arson). This year however, we’ve chosen to share ten more deductions that the wider public can write off, brought to you by TurboTax.

Unusual Tax writeoffs

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TurboTax’s infographic of “10 Strange But Legitimate Federal Tax Deductions” shares ten surprising tax deductions that cater to individuals with specific circumstances and needs. 

While the people able to capitalize on these deductions are few and far between, the knowledge that certain expenses are given a break by the IRS is a great sign of encouragement at a time in which it seems everything needs to be surrendered to Uncle Sam. 

So, how can you tell what the IRS does, and doesn’t consider deductible? You’ll find that every single tax write-off is rooted in some sort of need. As long as you can successfully prove your hard-earned dollars went into assisting you with a legitimate need, you should be in the clear.

To see if you’ve been missing out on any tax deductions that you can rightfully claim, click Begin to start the slideshow.

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